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Solid State Drives

  1. Installing a Solid State Drive (ZDnet)
      "Conventional hard disks are typically the biggest bottleneck in any computing environment. If you can speed up disk activity, especially reads, the effects on system startup and application launch times can be breathtaking." 08-11

  2. Toshiba Solid State Drive Review (
      "Legit Reviews has done dozens of solid-state drive (SSD) reviews over the past year, but they have all been on retail drives. When Toshiba contacted LR and asked us if we would be willing to do a review on their 43m HG2 series 2.5" MLC NAND-based SSD for them we were a little thrown off at first, but we figured we'd give it our best. Our thoughts on this are that Toshiba is one of the major players in the SSD industry and they have had a number of key design wins in the market place when it comes to SSDs. We've opened up SSDs in recent months that were branded with other companies' names only to find them being re-branded Toshiba drives. This is a chance to look at the original drive, so why not go for it?" 08-10


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