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Web Site Registration

  1. Buy or Sell a Domain Name (
      Provides an exchange for appraising, buying, and selling domain names. 01-07

  2. Check Web Site Registrations (
      Find the status of registrations, ownership, and contact information on owners of sites. 7-02

  3. Providers of Web Site Registration Services (
      Provides a list of organizations that are authorized to register new Web sites or renew Web site registrations. 7-02

  4. Reviews of Web Site Registration Services (
      "RegSelect is an independent source that compares more than 50 sources of Internet domains to make sure you get the best prices and features possible for your dollars." They also provide other registration services. Editor's Note - We have not investigated to verify if the assessments are independent. 7-02

  5. Web Site Registration Information, News, and Scams (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)
      "Specifically, ICANN coordinates the assignment of the following identifiers that must be globally unique for the Internet to function:

      Internet domain names
      IP address numbers
      protocol parameter and port numbers

      In addition, ICANN coordinates the stable operation of the Internet's root server system." Complaints against registrars can also be made through this site. 7-02


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