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Pads and Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab
Windows 8 Tablets

  1. -09-3-12 Google Fiber (
      "Never before have so many people all of a sudden thought, 'I wonder if Kansas City is a nice place to live?' Thatís because Google recently announced the details behind Google Fiber, its incredibly fast new Internet service thatíll cost eligible Kansas City residents $70 per month. Another $50 will add a cable TV package to the mix as well. All in all, $120 is in line with what youíd expect to pay for similar TV-plus-Internet service from other major cable providers." 09-12

  2. -Asus Transformer Prime Pad Infinity 700 Review (
      "The new Transformer Prime isn't sacrificing quality for quantity with its move to a much higher pixel density ó its display is still made of the SuperIPS+ stuff that impressed us so much when reviewing the TF201. Another highly significant upgrade is in the tablet's rear cover design, which has been altered to allow for better GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth performance. Great for new buyers, to be sure, but we wonder how happy owners of the current-gen Prime will be with this news."

      "Android 4.01 will be the shipping OS on the Transformer Prime TF700T, which should cost between $599 and $699 when it hits North American shelves in the second quarter of 2012." 06-12

  3. -Asus Transformer Prime vs Pad Infinity vs Pad 300 Review (
      "The Asus Transformer range has, since its inception, been one of the best reasons to buy a tablet other than an iPad. Powered by Android and boasting a class-leading keyboard dock that turns the tablet into a convincing laptop-like device, and boost battery life massively, it's the tech nerd's obvious choice." 06-12

  4. -Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Review (
      "This is the best Android tablet yet and is a serious challenger for the number one ranking." 06-12

  5. Acer Iconia Tab W500 Review (
      "The Acer Iconia Tab W500 is great for someone who wants the familiarity of Windows, or who wants to do Windows-based work occasionally. It excels at audio and video playback, but you'll need an SD Card to store that media on because it has limited built-in storage. This tablet is faster than an average netbook, and you can remove the screen and use it as a responsive touch tablet. The main drawbacks are the bulk that comes with the hardware requirements of Windows, and the battery life that is more in line with a regular laptop than with what we've come to expect from ARM-based tablets." 06-12

  6. Apple iPad 2 vs Google Nexus 7 (
      Compares the specifications of each 01-13

  7. Asus Transformer Prime (
      "The Asus Transformer Prime makes a visual statement, in both its brilliant design and its inner power. The docking station option makes it a superb choice for power users who want a tablet that converts into a productivity workhorse. Our full rating is pending until our testing is complete, but this tablet is shaping up as one of the top contenders you can buy today." 06-12

  8. Asus Transformer Prime (
      "Asus' Transformers effectively bridge the tablet and netbook/notebook spaces. They make it easier to accomplish productivity-oriented tasks on a tablet that might have only been good for content consumption previously. Just adding that keyboard (and its secondary battery) expands the device's repertoire significantly." 06-12

  9. Eight New Tablets and Ultrabooks (
      Provides pictures and short descriptions of new devices. 12-11

  10. Futjitsu Stylistic Q550 Review (
      "As a business machine, the reasonably thin-and-light Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 ticks all the right boxes--security, swappable battery, matte screen, and active digitizer. The only caveat is the pokey Atom processor. If you run only a few things at a time, and nothing too media heavy, this tablet should be able to handle general office tasks without slowing you down. The machine's usability, battery life, and Windows 7 convenience make it one of the strongest slate-style business tablets on the market today." 06-12

  11. Google Nexus 7 Review (
      "With its excellent design, useful software features, and low starting price, the Nexus 7 is the cheapest way to experience the best that the Android OS has to offer." 01-13

  12. Google Nexus 7 Review (
      Provides a 7" tablet. "The Google Nexus 7 ($299 for 32GB, unlocked), made by Asus, is the best small tablet available today. We've said that before in our Editors' Choice review of the original model. Now it has up to 32GB storage and 3G wireless with either AT&T or T-Mobile. While we welcome the increased headroom, we're not as enthusiastic about a modem which can't hit either of those carriers' fastest networks. Still, though, if you're looking for an affordable tablet with cellular connectivity, this is the one to buy." 01-13

  13. Keyboards for Pads and Tablets (
      "When it comes to tablets, there's no shortage of keyboards, docks and cases floating around. Here's a look at a dozen that stand out." 08-12

  14. Samsung Galaxy Note II Tablet (
      Provides a 7" tablet. "Multi Window lets you view multiple applications simultaneously, which you can move around and re-size. It provides the most freeform and flexible interface for flawless multitasking, suitable for even the most task-heavy users." 01-13

  15. Tablets Surpass PCs (CBS News)
      "As the iPad 2 has become the latest rage in tablets and portable computing, Nielsen research is reporting that more and more people are turning to their tablets as opposed to mp3 players, e-readers and PCs. But, is a tablet right for you?" 05-11

  16. Top 10 Tablets (
      "Apple's latest iPad shoots to the top thanks to its high-resolution and 200,000-plus apps. Its predecessor, the iPad 2, drops in price and moves down a notch to second. A pair of Android tablets are right behind it: Asus' Eee Pad Transformer Prime, the first tablet with Nvidia's Tegra 3 chip, and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1." 08-12

  17. Xoom Tablet and Atrix 4G Smartphone (
      "The [Xoom] tablet is already fast enough with its dual-core Tegra 2 chip to play HD video, which was much more in evidence on the 1280x800 screen. Motorola reps reminded us that the 16:10 ratio screen helped address complaints about thumb typing on devices like the iPad: it's narrower and thus easier to reach the full keyboard with your thumbs, but it's still very large when watching movies in landscape."

      "The Atrix 4G we had real if brief time to use. While 4G speeds weren't available to gauge, the NVIDIA Tegra 2 isn't quite as fast as it might seem. Based on a quick navigation around the main interface, the phone still had a slight stutter for visual transitions. We also have misgivings about continuing to use Blur; the Atrix 4G is a power user's phone, and the UI not only gets in the way but will invariably delay upgrades to Android 2.3 or later."

      "The notebook add-on itself is fairly well thought-out and hides the docked phone in the back. It uses a well spaced chiclet-style keyboard and a fairly colorful 11.6-inch display; we were surprised to see some cleverly hidden speakers on the back corners." 01-10

  18. iPad Alternatives (
      "We've assembled a guide to a dozen iPad alternatives. Some of these tablet PCs have been released, while some are only rumored to be in the works, but all of these Android, webOS, and Windows-based slates are worth a look." 12-10


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