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  1. -03-07-12 Apple Introduces High Resolution iPad (CNN News)
      " 'I grabbed the kids and I wasn't letting go,' Decker told CBS News from her hospital bed in Louisville, Ky. 'If they were going to fly, I was going to fly with them. It happened so quickly - the tornado, but the rest of it felt like an eternity' " 03-12

  2. Apple's New iPad (
      "The 9.7-inch touch-screen device, which will let users play games, check email and read books, presents a major challenge to the media, publishing and wireless industries. For Mr. Jobs, it is an attempt to convince consumers they need yet another gadget—one between their mobile phones and laptop computers." 01-10

  1. Alternative iPad Browsers (Techland)
      "If you find Apple's Safari web browser to be a bit too limiting on your iPad, there are a whole host of alternative browsers out there. Here's a list of some of the better ones that offer nice extras like tabbed browsing, privacy management, advanced touchscreen controls and more." 12-10

  2. Apple Announces the iPad Mini (
      "With the $329 iPad Mini, Apple is betting that slim design, a larger screen and a bigger app selection can lure people away from other small tablets." 10-12

  3. Apple's New iPad (
      "Yes, the iPad is a ginormous iPod Touch with a tweaked UI, but it's still pretty cool. It's surprisingly lightweight and the screen is just as responsive as the one on the iPhone and iPod Touch. What's more impressive than the large 9.7-inch touch-screen is the speed with which Web pages get rendered and how well it's able to scale existing iPhone apps to double their size." 01-10

  4. Apple's New iPad: Not Just a Bigger iPod Touch (MSNBC News)
      "When you hold the Apple iPad in landscape mode, the keyboard is nearly big enough for touch typing — and improvement over the virtual buttons on the iPhone." 01-10

  5. Skyfire (
      "The iPhone doesn’t need Flash? Oh, well someone ought give Steve Jobs the memo since Skyfire sold over 300,000 copies of its browser during its opening week and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing." 11-10

  6. Windows on an iPad (
      "Last month, cloud gaming pioneer OnLive put its sophisticated technology to a new purpose: running Windows 7 on an iPad. It launched OnLive Desktop, a free service that let you use Word, Excel and PowerPoint–the real, full-fledged editions, not stripped-down iPad applets. It also said that it was working on a more powerful Pro edition that would permit you to install apps and customize your environment, for $9.99 a month." 02-12

  7. iPad Accessories (
      "Let the flood of iPad accessories begin! In the little research I've done for this list, I noticed that the majority of accessories weren't built specifically for the iPad. The majority are ones for netbooks. It's a scam, people! There really aren't very many must-haves for the oversized iPhone. However, I found the following five doohickeys to be useful or clever." 04-10

  8. iPad Launch (
      "Remember that it has been less than three years since the iPhone debuted, that the App Store has not yet reached its second birthday, yet it already offers 150,000 apps and has delivered more than 3 billion downloads. Now comes the iPad, with a bigger screen, faster processor, an ecosystem of eager developers, and millions of loyal customers who are hungry for Apple's next big thing. Analysts say the device could generate $2.5 billion in new revenues this year, which helps explain why Apple now stands ready to boom, with revenues expected to soar nearly 50 percent, to about $54 billion in the current fiscal year. Magical? Revolutionary? You bet." 04-10

  9. iPad Launch (
      "As the world prepares for the release of the iPad, the young — who may have seen the company only as the colossus behind the iMac, iPod and iPhone family of products and the iTunes and App stores that service them — might be surprised to know how hard the life of an Apple lover once was." 04-10

  10. iPad Launch (USA Today)
      "Months of speculation, feverish lust, an überhyped prize that could disrupt the status quo of computing. You wouldn't be the first person to compare the run-up to Saturday's arrival of the iPad to the prelaunch mania that surrounded the iPhone. Apple's freshly conceived slate-style computer promises to influence the media, mobile entertainment and publishing industries the way its close cousin the iPhone has affected wireless." 04-10

  11. iPad2 Keyboard, Stand, and Case (
      Provides a keyboard, stand, and case for an iPad2.

  12. iPad2 as a Laptop Replacement (
      "Without the ZaggFolio, I used the iPad mostly for reading and light productivity. I’d happily type brief e-mails on it, but never anything as long as a meaty blog post or article. But Zagg’s no-compromise keyboard made typing every bit as comfy as it is on a notebook. All of a sudden I could write hundreds of words on the iPad. Or thousands of them."


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