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  1. Nook Color by Barnes and Noble (
      "Unlike the Kindle and first-generation Nook, the Nook Color is available in a single model, which sports a wi-fi connection but no 3G broadband (you'll need to do your shopping and downloading within reach of a wi-fi network). It goes for $249 — more than the $139 wi-fi–only Kindle and $189 3G/wi-fi version, but dramatically less than the iPad (which starts at $499) and Galaxy Tab ($599 and up, unless you commit to a two-year wireless contract). " 11-10

  1. Amazon Diversifies Even More (
      "Amazon has a presence in almost every niche of the book industry. It runs a print-on-demand service (BookSurge) and a self-publishing service (CreateSpace). It sells e-books and an e-device to read them on (the Kindle, a new version of which, the DX, went on sale June 10). In 2008 alone, Amazon acquired a leading audiobooks company; AbeBooks, a major online used-book retailer; and Shelfari, a Facebook-like social network for readers. In April of this year, it snapped up Lexcycle, which makes an e-reading app for the iPhone called Stanza. And now there's Amazon Encore, which makes Amazon a print publisher too." 06-09


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