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  1. Amazon Announces Big-Screen Kindle (CBS News)
      "Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled Wednesday the much-anticipated large-screen Kindle e-reader in a lecture hall at the downtown Pace University. Called the Kindle DX, the new device is geared toward readers of personal and professional documents, newpapers and magazines--and textbooks, a potentially huge target market." 05-09

  2. Kindle Fire Applications (
      "The idea is not to provide a list of all the android Apps available, the idea is to list all the Best Kindle Fire Apps!" 01-11

  3. Kindle Fire Review (New York Times)
      "The Fires are intended to tap into Amazonís ecosystem of music, movie, TV and e-book stores ó which they do exceedingly smoothly. Movies, books and even certain games remember your place as you move from gadget to gadget. Anything you buy from Amazon is stored online, for redownloading whenever you like. And Amazonís Prime membership ($79 a year) gets you a free book a month, 5,000 free streaming movies and free two-day shipping on most Amazon purchases."

      "Over all, the tablet feels professional and elegant, but it still exhibits a few of the goofy hardware design decisions that have plagued Amazon since Kindle 1.0. For example, the tiny volume and power buttons are black like the case, unlabeled and flush with the edge so you canít feel them. When you want to change the volume, you have to turn the tablet on edge to study them, preferably with a flashlight and a map." 09-12


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