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  1. Outlook Synchronizer (
      Synchronizes Outlook between desktop PC and a handheld device. 7-03

  2. Outlook Synchronizer - ActiveSync (
      Provides software for your desktop PC and your handheld device to synchronize the two. 7-03

  3. Outlook Synchronizer - Remote Email (
      Synchronizes Outlook between desktop PC and a another device using the Internet. 7-03

  1. Beaming Information Between Handhelds ( - Brown)
      "Say you're at an industry event and you meet a prospective client. If your first instinct is to swap business cards, you're in a 20th-century state of mind. It's time to change those instincts, pull out your PDA, and beam your card!" 7-03

  2. Change Date Stamp (
      Allows you to change the date stamp on files. 7-03

  3. Connection Between Cell Phone and Pocket PC - Benefits (
      "Our conclusion: Using a phone as your notebook's modem is not only worth considering, it's a real improvement over using any modem with your PDA." 7-03

Purchase Resources
  1. Keyboard for a PDA (CNet)
      Describes a foldable keyboard for a PDA computer. Costs around $100. 7-03

  2. PC to Phone Software (
      Provides software, Media Ring Talk, for using your computer as a phone through your Internet connection. 7-03


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