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  1. 07-16-03 NATO Wary of Sending Troops to Iraq (Financial Times)
      "Several Nato countries say they would be unwilling to send troops to Iraq, as senior Pentagon officials now estimate it would take a year to put together one division of 12,000 Iraqi troops in the new national army." 7-03

  2. 06-07-04 U.S. Plans Large Cuts in Troops in Korea (BBC News)
      "The United States has proposed withdrawing 12,500 of its 37,000 troops stationed in South Korea by 2006." 6-04

  3. 08-16-04 Bush to Withdraw Troops from Europe and Asia (MSNBC News)
      "President Bush’s plan to call tens of thousands of U.S. troops home from Europe and Asia could gain him election-year applause from military families, but won’t ease the strain on soldiers still battling violent factions in Iraq and Afghanistan." 8-04

  4. -11-04-04 Times: Looters Took Explosives with Troops Watching (CBS News)
      "Explosives were looted from the Al-Qaqaa ammunitions site in Iraq while outnumbered U.S. soldiers assigned to guard the materials watched helplessly, soldiers told the Los Angeles Times."

      "Iraqi officials told the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency last month that about 380 tons of high-grade explosives, a type powerful enough to detonate a nuclear weapon, had been taken from the Al-Qaqaa facility."

      "Soldiers who belong to two different units described how Iraqis snatched explosives from unsecured bunkers and drove off with them in pickup trucks."

      "The eyewitness accounts reported by the Times are the first provided by U.S. soldiers and bolster claims that the U.S. military had failed to safeguard the powerful explosives, the newspaper said"

      "The soldiers who spoke to the Times asked to remain unidentified, saying they feared retaliation from the Pentagon." 11-04

  5. Support Troops (Defend America)
      "Many independent organizations are ready and willing to help you support the troops. It simply means finding an organization to help you get that morale-boosting mail to the troops." Organizations are linked on this Web page. 2-05

  6. Supporting Spokespeople for Bringing Troops Home (
      "The most effective spokespeople for bringing the troops home are the mothers, fathers, and family members of soldiers killed in Iraq, who are demanding to know why President Bush sent their sons, daughters, husbands and wives off to die." 8-05

  7. -Editorial: How Some Troops See the Iraq War (Christian Science Monitor)
      For Corporal Mayer, Iraq "is not solely a place of death and loss. It is also a place of hope. It is the hope of the town of Hit, which he saw transform from an insurgent stronghold to a place where kids played on Marine trucks. It is the hope of villagers who whispered where roadside bombs were hidden. But most of all, it is the hope he saw in a young Iraqi girl who loved pens and Oreo cookies."

      "In a business where life and death rest on instinctive adherence to thoroughly ingrained lessons, accomplishment is ticked off in a list of orders followed and tasks completed. And by virtually any measure, America's servicemen and women are accomplishing the day-to-day tasks set before them."

      "Yet for the most part, America is less interested in the success of Operation Iron Fist, for instance, than the course of the entire Iraq enterprise." 11-05

  8. -01-11-06 Troops to Get Body Armor (MSNBC News)
      "The Army plans to send thousands of ceramic body armor plates to Iraq this year to better protect soldiers while the Marine Corps already is delivering such gear, military officers said Wednesday."

      "A Pentagon study done last summer but only disclosed recently found that improved armor may have prevented or minimized torso wounds that proved fatal to Marines in Iraq." 01-06

  9. -01-11-06 Troops to Get Body Armor (MSNBC News)
      "Most torso wounds that killed Marines in Iraq might have been prevented or minimized by improved body armor, a Pentagon study found."

      "The unreleased study last summer by the Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner looked at 93 fatal wounds from the start of the war in March 2003 through June 2005. It concluded that 74 were bullet or shrapnel wounds to shoulders or areas of the torso not protected by ceramic armor plating." 01-06

  10. Reintegration of Returning Troops (ABC News)
      "A groundbreaking study on the mental health of returning troops released this week indicates that fully one-third of those who served in Iraq during the first year of the war sought mental health services upon leaving the fighting. The war's succeeding years have been, if anything, more intense."

      "Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the study opens a window on the enormous psychological and emotional toll the conflict has taken on the men and women who are doing the fighting." 03-06

  11. Homes for Our Troops (
      Builds specially adapted homes for severely disabled veterans. 04-08

  12. Kids for Our Troops (
      "Homes for Our Troops has created this website to help parents, children, teachers, students, club leaders and civic organizations find out how they can get involved in our effort to provide specially adapted homes for our most severely wounded soldiers." 06-06

  13. -06-01-06 Schwarzenegger Agrees to Send Troops to Border (
      "Most of the California soldiers won't be armed and would perform support jobs such as surveillance, vehicle repair, road maintenance and repair and communications. Only volunteers would be used on the border, Schwarzenegger said."

      " 'The mission I will assign will be significantly different than the plan laid out by President Bush,' Schwarzenegger said." 05-06

  14. 12-24-06 If Bush Increases Troops, for How Long? (Christian Science Monitor)
      "Before deciding on whether to increase or decrease troop levels, US officials debate how hard to push soldiers already in Iraq." 12-06

  15. -01-11-07 Defense Secretary Recommends Adding 92,000 More Troops (MSNBC News)
      "At a briefing to add details about President Bush's new Iraq strategy, Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Thursday said he would recommend increasing the Army and Marine Corps by 92,000 troops over the next five years."

      "The cost of the troop increase would be enormous." 01-07

  16. -01-11-07 Media Pound Bush Plan to Increase Troops in Iraq (
      "Most media analysts greeted President Bush's new Iraq strategy with marked skepticism, if not outright hostility." 01-07

  17. -01-18-07 U.S. Troops Going It Alone in South Baghdad (CBS News)
      " 'Ninety to 100 percent of the area's residents either actively or passively support the insurgency,' estimates Odom, who calls them well-armed and well-trained."

      " 'We can go in and clear any area but until there is an Iraqi security structure to come in behind us, and establish a long term presence, true progress in this area will be difficult to achieve,' said Garrett." 01-07

  18. -03-08-07 Democrats: Bring Troops Home Next Year (CBS News)
      "House Democratic leaders vowed Thursday to pass legislation setting a deadline of Sept. 1, 2008, for the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq, a challenge to President Bush's war policy that drew a blunt veto threat in return."

      "To make the overall measure more attractive politically, Democrats also intend to add $1.2 billion to Mr. Bush's request for military operations in Afghanistan, where the Taliban is expected to mount a spring offensive."

      "CBS News correspondent Bob Fuss reports the bill also includes a prohibition of any war against Iran unless Congress approves it first, a bar against torture, and more money for military and veterans' health care than the administration asked for."

      "As described by Democrats, the legislation will require Mr. Bush to certify by July 1 and again by Oct. 1. whether the Iraqi government is making progress toward providing for the country's security, allocating its oil revenues and creating a fair system for amending its constitution." 03-07

  19. -03-08-07 Democrats: Bring Troops Home Next Year (Guardian Unlimited)
      Provides a British view of the proposed legislation. "If Congress approves the plan [to redeploy American troops in Iraq], Mr Bush faces a dilemma: he could veto the bill, but would then be without the funds to prosecute war. Although he has alternative sources, he would struggle to find $100bn. He appears intent on the US remaining in Iraq, at least until he leaves office in January 2009."

      "In their proposal, the Democrats suggest that the withdrawal deadline should be brought forward if the Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, fails to deliver on promises to deploy more Iraqi troops and taking steps to reduce sectarian violence." 03-07

  20. -03-29-07 Senate Votes to Withdraw Troops from the Civil War in Iraq (MSNBC News)
      "Senate Democrats ignored a veto threat and pushed through a bill Thursday requiring President Bush to start withdrawing troops from 'the civil war in Iraq,' dealing a rare, sharp rebuke to a wartime commander in chief." 03-07

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