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  1. Kids' Dictionary of Computer Words
      Provides definitions for older children but the graphics are for very young children.

  1. Elementary School Fun
  2. Kid's Science Projects (Bill B)
  3. Kids for Our Troops (
      "Homes for Our Troops has created this website to help parents, children, teachers, students, club leaders and civic organizations find out how they can get involved in our effort to provide specially adapted homes for our most severely wounded soldiers." 06-06

  4. Nutrition Projects for Kids
  5. Science - A Guide to Student-Built Experiments (Exploratorium)
      Provides over a dozen projects. 3-02

  6. Science Projects (Exploratorium)
      Provides almost a dozen science experiments. 09-09

  7. Science Projects (Exploratorium)
      Provides dozens of science experiments. 09-09

  8. Some Interesting Places to Visit
  9. Structure Within the Atom
      Provides projects for kids to help other kids in the world.

  11. Writing Projects and Working With Other Kids

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