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Involving Students

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Also Try
  1. Focus on Children in Subject Searches
  2. Home Schooling
  3. Young Leaders
  1. Search Engine for Kids (Kids Click)
      Provides a search engine for kids. Designed by librarians. 4-01

  1. Coupons for Discounts (Awesome Library)
      Provides coupons for discounts in thousands of retail stores. Also includes a coupon for a free 8x10 JCPenney portrait, including a free sitting, for Awesome Library visitors. 06-06

  1. Kids Magazine (Club-Z)
      Provides articles and activities for kids. 2-00

  2. Picture Dictionary (EnchantedLearning)
      Provides pictures and short definitions for common words, organized by an alphabetical directory. Includes a search engine. 10-00  

  1. National Geographic for Kids (National Geographic Society)
      Provides articles and activities of interest to kids. 2-00

  2. Sports Illustrated for Kids
      Provides articles and activities of interest to kids.

  1. Find a Mentor in the Academy of Achievement
  2. Homework Help (
      Provides directories and search engines for helping with homework. 10-01

Purchase Resources
  1. Books Written for Kids (
      Provides bestsellers, award winners, and classics written for kids. Also provides books by age group or topic. 1-02


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