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  1. -03-04-03 U.S. Sends Message to North Korea (CNN News - Starr)
      "Twenty-four bombers will begin moving from bases in the United States to Guam as part of a planned beefing up of U.S. military forces in the Pacific to send a "message" to North Korea, the Pentagon said Tuesday." 2-03

  2. -03-15-03 Global Protests Against War (BBC News)
      "On Sunday, peace vigils are planned in more than 2,800 cities in about 100 countries, the Associated Press news agency reported." 3-03

  3. -03-15-03 Poll: Bush Has Solid Support for War (Guardian Unlimited)
      "Americans support President Bush on national security issues, pollsters say, but the nation's political balance could easily shift if a war with Iraq goes badly for the United States." 3-03

  4. -03-16-03 Global Protests Against War (MSNBC News)
      "From Tokyo to Beirut, Paris to Washington, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets Saturday in what many saw as a last-ditch global protest against any U.S.-led war on Iraq." 3-03

  5. -03-16-03 U.S. Support of Iraq in 1980's (CBC News - McDonald)
      "Saddam Hussein is one of the few leaders to actually use chemical weapons in the second half of the 20th century."

      "Researchers at the National Security Archives at George Washington University have assembled a library of government documents from the old U.S. alliance with Saddam Hussein."

      "The documents reveal the true extent of that relationship, putting a different perspective on the moral indignation pouring forth nowadays from the White House."

      "The documents show conclusively the U.S. knew as early as 1983 that Iraq was using chemical weapons against Iranian troops, and that Saddam was buying chemicals from American interests."

      " 'The U.S. did not in any way change its policy of supporting Iraq in the war because of its chemical weapons use,' Battle says." 3-03

  6. 03-18-03 Stunning Setback for U.S. (International Herald Tribune - Weisman)
      "Just about everyone involved now acknowledges that a train of miscalculations and misunderstandings has produced a setback for U.S. diplomacy and world standing."

      "Assertions that Iraq was linked to Al Qaeda backfired, too, European officials say, as intelligence services in Europe told their leaders that even the Central Intelligence Agency had doubts about the connection."

      "Here is a reconstruction of the events that led to the U.S.-British failure in the Security Council." 3-03

  7. 03-20-03 Bubbles of Fire Tore into Baghdad Sky (Independent)
      "Within minutes, looking out across the Tigris river I could see pin-pricks of fire as bombs and cruise missiles exploded on to Iraq's military and communications centres and, no doubt, upon the innocent as well." 3-03

  8. 03-20-03 Global Protests as War Begins (Guardian Unlimited)
      "The first shots of war set off global protests on the streets and drew dismayed responses from world leaders Thursday. President Bush's main allies stood firmly by him as U.S. flags burned from Berlin to Bangladesh." 3-03

  9. 03-23-03 Anti-War Protesters Rally (Guardian Unlimited)
      "Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in cities around the world and outside U.S. military bases Saturday, but their rallies for an immediate end to war in Iraq were far smaller than recent protests." 3-03

  10. 06-14-03 Belgium Angry With U.S. Administration Over Legislation (International Herald Tribune)
      "The Belgian government reacted angrily Friday to mounting U.S. pressure to rescind war crimes legislation, arguing that the country had already addressed Washington’s concerns." 6-03

  11. 07-01-03 Global Court: Bush Opposes (CBS News)
      "The United States is suspending military aid to about 35 countries in a dispute over an international war crimes tribunal."

      "The aid cutoff is because the countries failed to meet a Tuesday deadline for exempting Americans from prosecution before the new U.N. international war crimes tribunal."

      "The Clinton administration signed a 1998 treaty that created the court, but the Bush administration nullified the signature and has sought a permanent exemption from prosecutions." 6-03

  12. 07-06-03 North Korea Going Nuclear (Washington Times)
      "The CIA has revised an earlier intelligence estimate and now believes North Korea has begun reprocessing spent nuclear-fuel rods into plutonium for weapons, U.S. officials said.

      Reprocessing the 8,000 stored nuclear fuel rods would be a key indicator that Pyongyang has abandoned past commitments to freeze its nuclear-arms program." 7-03

  13. 07-09-03 African Aid from U.S. in Question (BBC News)
      "Aid experts say that it may be difficult for many African countries to meet the strict conditions that the US has set for receiving funds from the new Millennium Challenge Account, which requires nations to adhere to strict standards of openness and democracy."

      "There are also significant problems of health care delivery in relation to HIV/Aids, with many African nations lacking the basic public health infrastructure to deliver improved care."

      "Meanwhile, experts are concerned about the lack of progress in negotiations over trade in agricultural products, which could offer more real benefits to African economies than any aid programme." 7-03

  14. 07-15-03 Blair Proposes Intervening in States Using Brutality (Independent)
      Prime Minister of the UK, Tony Blair, proposed new rules of engagement for the U.N. but his proposal was rejected. He said, "The real issue is how do we, in circumstances where there is brutal repression of people by a particular regime, how do we offer them support and protection and what are the rules, because people want to know that they are operating in a system with rules." 7-03

  15. 09-06-03 The Cost of Gaining U.N. Support in Iraq (
      "...The Bush administration is reportedly preparing to ask Congress for a further $60-70 billion to fund ongoing operations in Iraq, and the cost of the first year of war and occupation looks set to run upward of $100 billion — and that's before the serious investment required for reconstruction even begins."

      "...the French and Germans have made no secret of the fact that they believe events in Iraq have vindicated rather than undermined their earlier opposition to the war — no weapons of mass destruction have been found and the terror threat appears to have increased rather than decreased as a result of the war. Even the Joint Chiefs of Staff has reportedly slammed the Pentagon's postwar planning as woefully inadequate."

      "Not only has the U.S. lost more troops in the postwar period than during the invasion itself; the fact that the number of American soldiers wounded in action currently averages 10 a day speaks to the scale of the resistance they're encountering." "While they'd agree with the principle of transferring power to the Iraqis, the 'Old Europeans' are going to demand that the UN, rather than the Bush administration, be given authority over the political process in the interim. And that may be more than the administration is willing to concede at this point." 9-03

  16. 09-13-03 U.S. Losing Iraq's Youth -- and Opportunity for Peace (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Allam)
      "With more than half of Iraq's 24 million residents younger than 25, cultivating youth support is key for the U.S. administration's long-term goals to shape the country into a model for Middle East democracy."

      Yet many young, middle-class Iraqis -- future leaders of the country -- say they are losing admiration for the America they glimpse through action movies, raunchy music videos and the soldiers their age who patrol the streets. For many, thinking of themselves as Arab and Iraqi has taken on new importance since the American soldiers arrived."

      " 'Before the war, I didn't care about politics,' said Monica Mohsin, 18, whose wealthy Christian family initially welcomed Saddam's ouster. 'I could go to clubs and parties. Now, my life is within four walls because my parents are too scared to let me go out. I swear, I never rejected Americans until they came to Iraq and opened a wide door for thieves and terrorists.' " 9-03

  17. 12-20-03 World Welcomes Libya's Agreement (CNN News)
      "France and Britain were among a number of world voices Saturday who welcomed Libya's decision to abandon its weapons of mass destruction programs as an important step toward rejoining the international community." 12-03

  18. Senator Requests Probe of Forged Documents About Iraq (USA Today)
      "The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee asked the FBI on Friday to investigate forged documents the Bush administration used as evidence against Saddam Hussein and his military ambitions in Iraq." 3-03


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