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Hurricanes 2006

  1. -03-24-06 Abandoned Cars Still a Big Problem (MSNBC News)
      "Nearly seven months after Katrina, the streets of New Orleans are still strewn with thousands of abandoned cars — many of them flooded-out, some stolen, some left by residents who have not returned since the Aug. 29 storm." 03-06

  2. -03-24-06 FEMA Breaks Promise on Katrina Contracts (MSNBC News)
      "FEMA has broken its promise to reopen four multimillion-dollar no-bid contracts for Hurricane Katrina work, including three that federal auditors say wasted significant amounts of money." 03-06

  3. -04-26-06 Katrina Victims Sue Army Corps of Engineers (Fox News)
      "Five people whose homes were flooded during Hurricane Katrina sued the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Tuesday, accusing the agency of ignoring repeated warnings that a navigation channel it built would turn into a 'hurricane highway.' " 04-06

  4. -05-22-06 Report: Katrina Cleanup Too Expensive (CBS News)
      "A major contractor would take a large cut and pay smaller amounts to the subcontractors, down to the company with the truck hauling debris to the dump."

      "The lion's share of the money has gone to firms like politically-connected AshBritt of Florida. The company received $500 million, reports CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson."

      " 'It seems you get more than half,' [Rep. D-Calif.] Waxman told Randall Perkins, president of AshBritt Inc. in Pompano Beach, Fla., after Perkins said his company received $23 a cubic yard in a debris removal contract but paid a subcontractor $10 to haul the material." 05-06

  5. -05-22-06 Report: New Orleans Levees Underfunded (CBS News)
      "New Orleans' levee system was routinely underfunded and therefore inadequate to protect against hurricanes, according to an independent report released Monday. "

      "The report also called for an overhaul of the agencies that oversee flood protection. It took aim at Congress for its piecemeal funding over the past 50 years, and at state and local levee authorities for failing to properly oversee maintenance of the levees."

      "The [Los Angeles Times] newspaper reports that these findings — laid out in a 600-page report — undermine assurances by both the Bush administration and the Corps of Engineers that the federal levee repair program will provide a higher level of protection to New Orleans." 05-06

  6. -06-19-06 National Guard Ordered to New Orleans (CBS News)
      "Acting at the mayor's request, Gov. Kathleen Blanco said Monday she would send National Guard troops and state police to patrol the streets of New Orleans after a bloody weekend in which six people were killed." 06-06

  7. -08-28-06 Louisiana Coast Sinking and Slipping Slowly into the Gulf (MSNBC News)
      "A new report by scientists studying Louisiana’s sinking coast says the land here is not just sinking, it’s sliding ever so slowly into the Gulf of Mexico." 08-06

  8. -08-28-06 New Orleans and Katrina, One Year Later (ABC News)
      "Tied to the restoration of the Gulf Coast is, perhaps, the president's credibility. Critics and Gulf residents alike wait to see if the president — who sells himself as man of his word — will deliver on the promises he's made." 08-06

  9. -09-16-06 Category 3 Hurricane Strikes Mexico (Fox News)
      "Powerful Hurricane Lane slammed into a sparsely populated stretch of Mexico's Pacific coast south of the city of Culiacan on Saturday after battering the resort of Mazatlan with strong winds and rain." 09-06

  10. -Report: Dangerously Unprepared Coastal States (MSNBC News)
      "2005 should have taught the United States many lessons about being unprepared for hurricanes. But a new report finds most coastal states still aren't ready." 05-06


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