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  1. -09-26-07 Bloody Clashes in Myanmar (CBS News)
      "Security forces in Myanmar opened fire Wednesday on demonstrators, and witnesses said police beat and dragged away dozens of Buddhist monks. The government said at least one person was killed, while dissident groups and media reported up to eight dead." 09-07

  2. -09-28-07 Cell Phones Reveal Myanmar Revolt (CBS News)
      "The attempt at revolution in Myanmar will be televised, it turns out, largely thanks to footage shot on citizens' cellphone cameras." 09-07

  3. -10-28-07 After the Myanmar Crackdown (
      "TOM MALINOWSKI, Human Rights Watch: Well, it's a stage of siege in Burma. There's no question about that. We don't know what the numbers are, because the country is closed. No one has access to the prisons. There's no way of getting a true picture of the death toll right now."

      "But it is a state of siege: The monasteries are occupied by the military; the troops are in the streets; there are nighttime raids in which security forces go neighborhood by neighborhood, pull people out of their homes who they believe, based on their video footage, participated in these demonstrations. People are very, very much afraid."

      "But I think it's interesting the government is also afraid and has some reason to fear what might happen next." 10-07


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