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Star Ratings
The Awesome Library provides only resources that have been reviewed and found to be of high quality for our users.   In that sense, all of the resources have a high rating at the time of review.   Our Ratings page describes the standards, criteria, and process for selecting resources for the Awesome Library and About the Awesome Library provides a short history.   Awards for the Awesome Library are found on the Recognitions page.

What About the Star? Star

Sites included in the Awesome Library are among the top 5 percent of sites in the field of K-12 Education.   On rare occasions, a site within the top 5 percent stands out for a particular topic and is also given a Star Rating.   Currently, one percent of the 28,000 sites within the Awesome Library have a Star Rating.   The one percent with a star rating are, therefore, among the top 1 percent of sites in K-12 Education on the Web.   The purpose of the rating is to allow visitors with very little time to identify one or two sources as starting points within a topic.   The Star Rating is given to a resource because it is at least one of the following:

-   The source for many other sources on the page
-   A very comprehensive source of information
-   Unusually well organized
-   Contains essential information for the topic

How To Find Just the Stars

Go to "Search Library for:" at the bottom of an Awesome Library page. In the blank provided, type in the subject you are pursuing plus "star."   For example try:

social studies star

This will give you all of the sites in Social Studies that have a star. Star

What if you want the stars for just one type of resource, such as Lesson Plans?   No problem:

lesson plans star

This will give you all of the lesson plans that have a star. Star

An "Ideal" Site

A site with a Star Rating is not necessarily an "Ideal" site; most of us are not there yet.   See criteria for an ideal site and a self-assessment of the Awesome Library's Lesson Plan page on the Ideal Web Site page.
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