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  1. Search the Web (Directories and Search Engines)
  1. Atlas and Geography (Information Please)
      Provides information for K-12 students from an atlas. Select the geographic area from the map and then see the descriptions of government, people, and more.

  2. Columbia Encyclopedia 1 (Columbia University Press) star
      "The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia contains almost 52,000 entries (marshalling six and one-half million words on a vast range of topics), with more than 84,000 hypertext cross-references. Columbia Encyclopedia is among the most complete and up-to-date electronic encyclopedias ever produced." The search engine is very fast and the site includes an index for browsing. 10-04

  3. Columbia Encyclopedia 2 (
      "Containing nearly 51,000 entries (marshalling six and one-half million words on a vast range of topics), and with more than 80,000 hypertext cross-references, the current Sixth Edition is among the most complete and up-to-date encyclopedias ever produced." The search engine is slow. 10-04

  4. Columbia Encyclopedia 3 (
      Provides a children's interface for the Columbia Encyclopedia. 10-04

  5. Encyclopedia (
      Provides information by search engine or alphabetic order. Uneven in quality of online material available. Sometimes provides good information and other times provides an incentive to subscribe to the eLibrary, a commercial product. 6-02

  6. Encyclopedia Britannica
      Provides coverage by subject, but often includes no more than 75 words for free. Includes a search engine. Sometimes visitors misspell as Brittanica or Brittannica. 11-99

  7. Encyclopedias (
      Provides a short list of encyclopedias by several general topics. 1-02

  8. Encyclozine (
      Focuses more on recreation activities, such as puzzles, than other "encyclopedias." 10-04

  9. Gurupedia
      Provides coverage by subject. 8-05

  10. Libraries and Encyclopedias Search (Internet Oracle)
      Provides over two dozen search engines from libraries and encyclopedias. 04-07

  1. Editorial: Why We Should Care the Encyclopedia Britannica Is No Longer in Print (CNN News)
      "The disappearance of our printed sources of information poses two serious concerns. First, our antiquated, overtaxed, patchwork power grid is perennially on the verge of collapse..... No power, no Internet."

      "Second, just two-thirds of all Americans have access to the Internet at work or home.

      "Looking forward to the world our children and their children will live in doesn't mean simply abandoning technology that seems anachronistic. It means preserving the best of what we know and making it accessible to everyone." 03-12


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