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Licenses for the Awesome Library

Evaluation and Development Institute offers three licenses to use the Awesome Library on your Web site(s). You may, of course, link to the Awesome Library for free.

1) Customized Awesome Library database on your site. This is for libraries, schools, nonprofit education sites, and commercial education sites. The Awesome Library database can be put on your site (to increase traffic) or branded for your site and hosted on our site. There is a charge for this type of license and it depends on the usage and amount of work involved. For a description of this, go to

2) Awesome Library directory and search engine on your site. This also is for libraries, schools, nonprofit education sites, and commercial education sites. The Awesome Library directory and search engine can be put on your site to provide comprehensive education resources for your visitors. The database itself remains on our site. For a description of this, go to This is a free service.

3) Awesome Talking Library on your computer. This is a free service that speaks the words on the Web page. In addition, we have a CD-ROM version available for $10, including shipping and handling.

Awesome Talking Library

Improve Reading Skills
By adding a voice to Web pages, children and teens can learn to pronounce words as they read them.  This multi-sensory approach is a powerful method for improving reading skills. Online books for children and teens to practice their reading skills are available in the Awesome Library.

See the links at the bottom of this page to download an online version or order a CD-ROM version. Please read the
Help page before installing the online version or read the CD-ROM Help page before installing the CD-ROM version.

You may prefer the convenience and options available in the CD-ROM version.

And More
Awesome Talkster, custom designed by Web Talkster, combines a browser, directory, search engine, and text-to-voice technology. This allows you to select online text and have it spoken to you. You can also set it to speak entire online articles, pages or books.

Having an online voice that can speak articles to you has many benefits. For example, the "computer" can speak online stories or books to children while an adult supervises, helping the children learn to read or improve their reading skills. The "computer" can speak news articles to you in one open browser while you are searching for information in another browser window. It can speak online books to you while you (or your children) commute. It can just be more fun to hear what you read as you read it.

Awesome Talking Library (Awesome Talkster) can also make the Web more accessible to persons with impaired vision or persons with impaired ability to navigate a page with a mouse. It can be navigated with keystrokes.

The browser is very fast and has the largest screen area of any known browser.

Awesome Talking Library's female voice is one of the best synthesized voices available, called "Mary." Talkster can accept additional voices, such as for Spanish and other languages, so it can be very helpful in bilingual education. The voices do not translate Web pages into other languages, but they can speak online text already written in other languages. Awesome Library text is available in other languages (at the bottom of this page) so the language version of text can be combined with the same language in voice. See the Help page for assistance with adding voices, viewing animated characters that present the words, or other features of the Awesome Talkster.

A visually impaired person can use keystrokes to perform basic browser commands in the Awesome Talkster instead of having to place the cursor over commands.

Download Awesome Talking Library
This program requires:

133 CPU or better (computers sold within the past five years generally have at least this level)
Microsoft Windows™ 95, 98, ME, 2000 or XP (will not operate on Windows Workgroups)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+ (takes advantage of several .dll files in I.E.)
128 MB RAM Memory (most computers sold in the last 5 years have at least this much)
15 MB free hard disk space
Sound card compatible with MS Windows Sound System and speakers or earphone
Connection to the Internet

If you meet these minimal requirements, Awesome Talking Library is available now:

It is large (over 11MB), so it can take up to an hour or more for it to load on a 56k modem. See our Help page for instructions to install. The Help page also includes instructions on using the Awesome Talking Library.

The CD-ROM version is simpler to install, more complete, and has separate instructions at

For a CD-ROM version, send $10 (for processing) to:
Evaluation and Development Institute
4812 S.E. 28th Ave., No. 505
Portland, OR 97202
Please make checks and money orders payable to Evaluation and Development Institute.
Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Costs for handling and postage for outside the USA are handled on an individual basis. Email us at for more information or special orders.

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