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April Fool's Day
Black History Month
Earth Day
Father's Day
Fourth of July
Groundhog Day
Hispanic Heritage Month
Ides of March
Independence Day
Labor Day
Martin Luther King Day
Memorial Day
Mexican Holidays
Mother's Day
New Year
Peace Day
President's Day
Rosh Hashanah
St. Patrick's Day
Valentine's Day
Veteran's Day
Yom Kippur

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Lesson Plans
  1. -12-14-05 Budget PC's for the Holidays (CBS News)
      Discusses considerations in purchasing a "lower-end" PC. 12-05

  1. Clipart for the Holidays (
      Provides a few free clipart samples for several holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, New Year's Day, Halloween, Veteran's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, and Independence Day.

  1. Ancient Roots, Modern Holidays (Donn)
      Provides information on key holidays and their history, including ancient holidays, Black History Month, Earth Day, Easter, President's Day and other holidays. Also provides lesson plans and clip art related to the holidays.

  2. Editorial: Why Hollywood Is Not Making Movies for Adults (
      "To make it work, the studios look for a group of people that both regularly tune into TV programs on which the studios can afford to buy commercials and who can be motivated by a 30-second ad to leave the comfort of their houses to go to the multiplexes. And for better or worse, that means teenagers." 11-05

  3. Holiday Parties on the Cheap (MSNBC News)
      "Your holiday gift list is a mile long and there’s still the monthly bills to address. Worried that you won’t have cash left over to entertain friends and host that holiday bash you had your heart set on? Try these 10 frugal but fabulous party tips and plan a festive party on any budget." 11-05

  4. Holidays (Web Holidays, Inc)
      Provides a listing of the dates of holidays for month. 8-02

  5. Holidays and Memorable Dates (Surfing the Net with Kids - Feldman)
      Provides holidays, recognition months, special occasions, and more. Also provides information on contests and competitions. 4-00

  6. Re-Gifting in HIgh Gear (ABC News)
      "One in four Americans admits to 're-gifting.' Comedian Jerry Seinfeld coined the phrase 10 years ago, giving the age-old practice of repackaging unwanted presents its own name." 12-05

  7. Worst Holiday Gifts (MSNBC News)
      Describes five of the worst types of gifts for a man to give a woman and five worst for a woman to give a man. 12-05

Purchase Resources
  1. Cards
      Provides sources of cards, including free email cards. 7-00

  2. Flowers Online (1-800-Flowers)
      Provides flowers online. 4-01


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