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Biological and Chemical Warfare
Causes of Terrorists
Civil Liberties and Security
Countering Terrorism
Fighting Intolerance
Helping Children Cope
Heroes and Heroism
Homeland Security
Nuclear Nonproliferation
Nuclear and Dirty Bombs
September 11th
Terrorist Networks
Torture and Brutality

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Lesson Plans
  1. Terrorism - Defining Terrorism (PBS Newshour)
      Helps students explore definitions of terrorism. "Referring to the reading 'Revolutionaries or Terrorists?', call on students to identify the points of disagreement that emerged in the United Nations' debates on terrorism." 2-03

  1. Muslims and Islam (Awesome Library)
      Provides information on Islam from a Muslim point of view. According to the sources, followers of Islam do not harm innocent civilians, even in a time of war. In addition, Islam supports tolerance for other religions. The sources help to compare the teachings of Islam and with the actions of terrorists who claim to be Muslims. 9-01

  1. American Flag and Symbols (Awesome Library)
      Provides printable flags of the United States for placing on Web pages or car antennas or using for "screen wallpaper." Also provides a history of the flag, how to display and show respect for the flag, how to fold the flag, words to the National Anthem (Star-Spangled Banner), the Pledge of Allegiance, and related activities, pictures, clip art, songs, and symbols of American patriotism. Includes other patriotic graphics, as well a an Earth flag and picture of the world. Clip art is sometimes spelled clipart. 9-02

  1. -Heroes - Fallen Firefighters (IAFF)
      Provides a list of fallen firefighters from the September 11th disaster and provides information to allow sending condolences. Also called 911, 9-11, or 9/11. 10-01

  2. Afghanistan (Awesome Library)
      Provides information on the Taliban, Osama bin Laden, the culture, and the history of the country. (Persons suspected of involvement in the attack on the USA on September 11th live in Afghanistan.) Also called 911, 9-11, or 9/11. 9-01

  3. Afghanistan Gains Agreement on New Government (BBC News)
      Describes an agreement for a new government for Afghanistan. The interim leader will be Hamid Karzai. 11-01

  4. Karzai Selected as Interim Leader for Afghanistan (BBC News - O'Toole)
      Provides a short profile of the new leader of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai. 11-01

  5. Muslims Against Terrorism (Awesome Library)
      Provides information about the incompatibility of Muslim teachings and terrorists acts. 10-01

  6. Terrorism Glossary (
      Provides definitions of key words related to combating terrorism. 9-04

  7. Terrorist Attacks Update - International (
      "The MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base represents years of collaborative effort by many partners. Though we believe this to be the most extensive and user-friendly system of its kind, any resource spanning over 35 years of data will contain oversights and omissions."

      The MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base uses these definitions:

      "Terrorism: Terrorism is violence, or the threat of violence, calculated to create an atmosphere of fear and alarm. These acts are designed to coerce others into actions they would not otherwise undertake, or refrain from actions they desired to take. All terrorist acts are crimes. Many would also be violation of the rules of war if a state of war existed. This violence or threat of violence is generally directed against civilian targets. The motives of all terrorists are political, and terrorist actions are generally carried out in a way that will achieve maximum publicity. Unlike other criminal acts, terrorists often claim credit for their acts. Finally, terrorist acts are intended to produce effects beyond the immediate physical damage of the cause, having long-term psychological repercussions on a particular target audience. The fear created by terrorists may be intended to cause people to exaggerate the strengths of the terrorist and the importance of the cause, to provoke governmental overreaction, to discourage dissent, or simply to intimidate and thereby enforce compliance with their demands."

      "Terrorist Group: A collection of individuals belonging to an autonomous non-state or subnational revolutionary or anti-governmental movement who are dedicated to the use of violence to achieve their objectives. Such an entity is seen as having at least some structural and command and control apparatus that, no matter how loose or flexible, nonetheless provides an overall organizational framework and general strategic direction. This definition is meant to include contemporary religion-motivated and apocalyptic groups and other movements that seek theological justification or divine sanction for their acts of violence." 9-04

  1. How Youth Can Contribute (Constitutional Rights Foundation)
      Provides activities for youth to contribute to those who have helped with the September 11th disaster or who have been overlooked. Examples of people who may have not received much assistance include people who were displaced from their homes and have had little or no time to return for their belongings, people working at airports and airlines who have suffered emotionally or have lost jobs, and people who live alone and have no one to talk to about what happened. Also called 911, 9-11, or 9/11. 9-01


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