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Fighting Intolerance

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  1. Bullying
  1. Muslims and Islam (Awesome Library)
      Provides information on Islam from a Muslim point of view. According to the sources, followers of Islam do not harm innocent civilians, even in a time of war. In addition, Islam supports tolerance for other religions. The sources help to compare the teachings of Islam and with the actions of terrorists who claim to be Muslims. 9-01

  2. Safe Schools (Awesome Library)
      While the disaster in New York City has been an opportunity to pull together as a nation, and as a world, it also provides an opportunity to fight prejudice that arises from such a crisis. Schools and families can assure children and teens that while the assailants may have come from a single region of the world, children and families of Arabian descent or Muslim heritage in the USA are also in grief over the incident--but could be targets of misplaced anger. Teachers and parents can help to prevent the expression of misplaced anger toward innocent children and families in the USA. 9-01

  1. -Geography of Hate Speech (
      "In any case, the map does seem to show that hate speech is sadly alive and well on social networks in the U.S." 05-13

  1. Muslim Americans - Bush Denounces Muslim Harassment (CNN)
      President Bush supports Americans of the Muslim faith and warns that those who harass them should be ashamed. Also called Muslim-Americans or Islamic-Americans. 9-01

  2. Muslims Against Terrorism (Awesome Library)
      Provides information about the incompatibility of Muslim teachings and terrorists acts. 10-01

  3. Troubling Times for Afghan-Americans (BBC News)
      Provides the perspective of an Afghan-American Imam, a religious leader. 9-01

  4. Trust Building in Communities (Daily News - Levinson)
      Discusses how hate crimes decrease when news articles cover meetings in communities to combate hate crimes and they increase when media focus on the victims. 11-01

  5. Understanding Ethnic Differences (Awesome Library - Elliott, Adams, Sockalingam)
      Provides a summary of research on ethnic differences in expectations, communication styles, and values to help improve communication. Warns against assuming that you know a person's ethnic affiliation based on his or her physical appearance. In addition, information about groups can help us ask good questions to learn more from an individual, but group information alone cannot provide us with the values, communication style, or expectations of an individual. 9-01

  6. Would You Stop a Hate Crime in Progress? (ABC News)
      "The victim, a Hispanic actor hired by 'What Would You Do?,' wore plenty of padding and, although his bloodied face looked real, it was the work of a makeup artist. The assailants, three young white actors, approached the victim as hidden cameras rolled." 03-09


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