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The Awesome Library provides only resources that have been reviewed and found to be of highest quality for our users.   Less than 5% of education sites qualify to be included in the Awesome Library.   In order to be included in the Awesome Library, resources need to meet the standards below.

-   Only child-safe links
-   Useful for teachers, students ("kids" or "teens"), parents, or librarians
-   "Real Stuff," actual articles, guides, etc.   (An exception - Lists of sources of information are included under "Lists")
-   Current
-   Load quickly
-   Small percentage of "dead" links
-   Best version available
-   Available directly on the Web
-   Useful information available without cost, even if services or products are also sold within the site.

Even if all of these conditions are met, later the resource may need to be removed because it no longer meets all of the conditions and standards.   Web pages change rapidly; if you encounter resources that do not meet the conditions or standards, please inform us by selecting the email link at the bottom of each page of the Awesome Library and tell us the address of the resource we need to remove.   Likewise, if you know of pages that should be added to the Awesome Library, please share that with us.

How Resources Are Selected for the Awesome Library

We include resources that meet the above criteria and have been brought to our attention in the following ways:

-   Recommended by a teacher, student, parent, or librarian
-   Recommended by a national reviewer
-   Requested information on a topic
-   Emerging current events

The Project Director is Dr. R. Jerry Adams, who has over 25 years of experience in managing educational programs on a national, state, and local level.   He has served on half a dozen national advisory boards related to educational program development.   Dr. Adams is currently the Executive Director of the Evaluation and Development Institute, a sponsor for the Awesome Library. He reviews and approves each new Website before it is added to the Awesome Library database.   A short history on this site can be found on its Awards and Recognitions page and the About the Awesome Library page.

What About the Editor's Choice Awards?

In 1997 Awesome Library began recognizing sites for excellence by issuing the Editor's Choice Award.   Approximately 10% of sites within the Awesome Library have been offered an Editor's Choice Award because they are within the top 5% of sites on the Web and also meet the other criteria of the Awesome Library for excellence.

What About the Star? star

On rare occasions, a site within the top 5% in education is given a Star Rating.   Less than 1% of the Awesome Library's resources have a Star Rating.   The stars are issued to help provide a starting point for Web surfers who are in a great hurry.   See the Star Ratings page to search for Star Rated sites. Other related pages that you may find of interest include:

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