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Imagine that it is 50 years from now and the world is at peace.   How did we make that happen?   The Evaluation and Development Institute (EDI) was formed to ensure that the possibility of world peace becomes a reality by the year 2050.  EDI promotes the development of high level knowledge, skills and opportunities for leaders and future leaders across cultures in the service of world peace.

EDI pursues its mission through three program areas:

Program Area 1: Programs and studies to promote cross cultural understanding


  • To bring information to leaders and future leaders that will broaden their appreciation for different cultures
  • To bring information to the world community of teachers, students and parents to enhance their appreciation for different cultures
Program Area 2: Programs to enhance communication through the use of Web-based Solutions


  • To promote communication among students, teachers, parents and librarians through online information
  • To improve access to online information for students, teachers and librarians
Program Area 3: Studies to evaluate solutions in the fields of health, education, and climate change mitigation


  • To provide information to students, teachers, parents and librarians that promotes healthy lifestyles
  • To conduct program evaluation studies in the fields of health, education, and climate change mitigation.
T he Executive Director of EDI is Dr. R. Jerry Adams.  If you are interested in developing a project that fits within the mission of EDI, please feel free to contact Dr. Adams at:

Dr. R. Jerry Adams
Evaluation and Development Institute
Phone: (503) 307-6673
FAX: (503) 905-6100

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