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  1. Music - By Type (Yahoo)
      Provides information by type or genre. 09-09

  2. Learning Musical Elements Through Listening 5-00

  3. Civil War Poetry and Music (
      Provides poetry and music from the Civl War era. 8-05

  4. Music - By Country or Culture (Yahoo)

  5. Music - By Instrument (Yahoo)

  6. Music - By Artist (Yahoo)

  7. Music Resources (Cook Music Library)

  8. Classical Music (Schwob)
      Allows searches and provides generous audio clips.

  9. Music Glossary (AEC One Stop Group)
      Provides information by type of music. 11-00

  10. Chinese Musical Instruments (Big Sky)
      Provides a short description and a picture of the gongs, drums, guan, sheng, suona, bawu, di, and others.

  11. Music - An Introduction (DataDragon - Lux)
      Provides an introduction to reading music, musical instruments, the sounds of different instruments, musical genres, This Day in Music and more. The music is slow to load, but provides recorded sound, not imitation.

  12. Music By Age Group (Koch)
      Provides recommendations of music for different age groups. Includes samples and reviews of each work. 1-00

  13. Music - By Artist, Song, or Radio Station (
      Provides a search engine to find artists, songs, and music radio stations. 4-00

  14. Music Lesson Plans (Teachers.Net)
      Provides approximately 50 individual lessons. Specifies a general grade level for each, such as elementary. The quality of lessons varies widely and some only announce the availability of lessons on a topic. 5-00

  15. Sheet Music Search (NetStore USA)
      Provides sheet music, searchable by title, instrument, or other criteria. 11-00

  16. Jackson, Mahalia (Southern Music Network)
      Provides a short background of the African American gospel singer. 12-00

  17. Brubeck, Dave (
      Provides a biography of the jazz pianist. 2-01

  18. Wilson, Teddy (
      Provides a biography of the jazz pianist. 2-01

  19. Music Worksheets ( - Shannon)
      Provides 127 worksheets, by grade level (7 - 9) and topic. 2-01

  20. Quizzes - Music ( - Shannon)
      Provides quizzes by grade level (7 - 9) and topic. 2-01

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