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Houston, Whitney

  1. Houston, Whitney Sings the Star Spangled Banner (
      Sings at Super Bowl XXV in 1991 at Tampa Stadium. 02-12

  2. Houston, Whitney Songs (MSNBC News)
      Songs of Whitney Houston. 02-12

  1. Houston, Whitney (
      "Grammy Award-winning pop singer and actress known for her remarkable vocal range and powerful, gospel-inspired ballads." 1-05

  2. Houston, Whitney (
      Provides a short profile on the singer. 2-02

  3. Houston, Whitney Timeline (USA Today)
      Provides a short biography of Whitney Houston. 02-12

  4. Houston, Whitney, Remembered by her Daughter (ABC News)
      "Bobbi Kristina Brown said she planned to carry on her mother's legacy and become a singer, as well as act and dance. She expressed frustration over the 'negativity' surrounding her mother's image: 'That's not my mother.' "

      "Instead, she described her as her confidant, a sister, her best friend 'my everything.' " 03-12


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