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  1. Drummer's Resources (Drummer's Web)
      Provides resources on many types of drums. 12-00

  2. Drums - Bongo Drums (Rhythmweb - Stuer)
      Provides a starting point for studying bongo drums. 11-99

  3. Drums - Steel Pan Drum (Toucans)
      Provides resources.

  1. Bembe Wheels - Rhythms (Stuer)
      Provides various rhythms. 11-99

  2. Drums - Bodhran Drum (Mittleman)
      Provides a history of the Celtic drum, as well as pictures, instructions, recordings, and more. 11-99

  3. Drums - Boumbek Drum (Stuer)
      Provides a picture, as well as links to rhythms, a history, and more. 11-99


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