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Boyle, Susan

  1. Susan Boyle (
      Provides a song from a singer you've probably never heard. 04-09

  1. -Editorial: Susan Boyle Bigger than the Super Bowl? (
      "In my TIME essay recently about the decline of broadcast TV, I wrote that 'we don't all sit en masse for Must-See TV, but cultural moments — from late-night TV to the news to American Idol — are disseminated widely through YouTube and cable.' "

      "The Boyle clip is one such example, and it's a doozy. Mashable reports that the clip is on track to eclipse 100 million online views (if it hasn't already by now). And that's not counting replays on talk shows, news shows, and on and on—factor those in, and you've probably got a bigger audience than the U.S. viewership of the Super Bowl. Keep in mind, we're talking here about a scene from a British reality show, something that would scarcely have gotten American airplay a few years ago. Now it's arguably a bigger, more ubiquitous cultural phenomenon than anything on American TV." 04-09

  2. -Editorial: Susan Boyle Not Quite "Out of Nowhere" (
      "Yet she took singing lessons and recorded Cry Me a River for a charity CD in 1999, the same year she made a demo tape. An observant Catholic, she often sang at church and on karaoke nights. So her talent was no surprise to her neighbors. 'Everyone here knew she could sing,' Jackie Russell, manager of the local pub, told the AP. 'We were always saying, 'You should go in for talent competitions.' What held Boyle back was caring for her aging parents. She entered BGT, after her mother died, because she was approached by talent scouts from the show who asked her to enter." 04-09

  3. Amanda Holden, a Judge for Susan Boyle (
      Provides a short biography of one of the judges for Susan Boyle's singing talent. 04-09

  4. Piers Morgan, a Judge for Susan Boyle (
      Provides comments on how Susan Boyle's singing talent on Britain's Got Talent won him over. 04-09

  5. Simon Cowell, a Judge for Susan Boyle (
      Provides a short biography of one of the judges for Susan Boyle's singing talent on Britain's Got Talent and American Idol. 04-09

  6. Susan Boyle Sings in Finals for Britain's Got Talent (
      Provides her performance of "I Dreamed a Dream." 05-09

  7. Susan Boyle, Singing Surprise (CBS News)
      "A middle-aged volunteer church worker with the voice of an angel is Britain's latest unlikely showbiz star. " 04-09


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