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Bretan, Laura
Church, Charlotte
Evancho, Jackie
Willighagen, Amira

  1. Opera Resources (World Wide Arts Resources)
      Provides a searchable database on opera.

  1. Bocelli, Andrea (
      Provides video of Bocelli singing Ave Maria.

  2. Bonney, Barbara (
      Barbara sings Ave Maria.

  3. Callas, Maria (
      Provides video of Callas singing Ave Maria.

  4. Durbin, Deanna (
      Provides video of Deanna singing Ave Maria.

  5. Lara, Fabian (
      Provides video of Fabian singing Ave Maria.

  6. Pavarotti, Luciano (
      Provides video of Pavarotti singing Ave Maria.

  7. Sissel (
      Provides video of Sissel Kyrkjebo singing Ave Maria.

  8. Voice Types (
      Compares different voice types.

  1. Anderson, Marian (
      Anderson sings Ave Maria.

  2. Beckley, Betty (
      Fleming sings Memory. 09-18

  3. Brightman, Sarah, and Andrea Bocelli (
      Brightman and Bocelli sing "Time to Say Goodbye." 08-10

  4. Fleming, Renee (
      Fleming sings Ave Maria. 08-18

  5. Fleming, Renee (
      Fleming sings Ave Maria.

  6. Price, Leontyne (
      Price sings Ave Maria.


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