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  1. Bach, J. S. (Hanford and Koster)
      Provides a biography, portraits and complete works. 10-09

  1. Composers - Biographies of Classical Music Composers (Norrish)
      Provides brief profiles of famous composers, as well as lesser known composers. 6-02

  2. Copeland, Aaron (
      Provides a short biography and a list of major works. 11-01

  3. Music of Beethoven (Anderson
      Provides a biography, including music selections at the end. 02-18

  4. Music of Johann Sebastian Bach (Anderson
      Provides a biography, including music selections at the end. 02-18

  5. Porter, Cole (
      Provides a short biography. 11-01

  6. Twelve-Tone Technique (
      "Twelve-tone technique (also dodecaphony and, especially in British usage, twelve-note composition) is a method of musical composition devised by Arnold Schoenberg. The technique is a means of ensuring that all 12 notes of the chromatic scale are sounded as often as one another in a piece of music. All 12 notes are thus given more or less equal importance, and the music avoids being in a key. The technique was tremendously influential on composers in the mid-20th century." 10-07

  7. Webber, Andrew Lloyd (Larsdotter)
      Provides a short profile on the composer of musicals. 2-02

  1. Songwriting Competition (
      Describes the international songwriting contest. Includes $100,000 in Cash and Prizes in 13 Categories. Provides 68 Winners. All musicians, bands, and solo artists are invited to participate. "ISC has the most prestigious judging panel of any songwriting competition in the world." "ISC is proud to announce the addition of the following judges for the Teen category: NSYNC and Vanessa Carlton." 4-03


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