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American Idol Contestants

  1. Archuleta, David (
      American Idol competitor David Archuleta sings. 03-08

  2. Castro, Jason (
      American Idol competitor Jason Castro. 03-08

  3. Cook, David (
      American Idol competitor David Cook. 03-08

  4. Cook, Kristy Lee (
      American Idol competitor Kristy Lee Cook sings "Bless the USA." 03-08

  5. Johns, Michael (
      American Idol competitor Michael Johns. 03-08

  6. Malubay, Ramiele (
      American Idol competitor Ramiele Malubay. 03-08

  7. Smithson, Carly (
      American Idol competitor Carly Smithson sings. 03-08

  8. White, Brooke (
      American Idol competitor Brooke White. 03-08

  1. Doolittle, Melinda: As Long As He Needs Me (
      Provides the video. Visitors sometimes misspell as Milenda Dolittle. 05-07

  2. Sparks, Jordin: You'll Never Walk Alone (
      Provides the video. Visitors sometimes misspell as Jordan Sparkes. 05-07

  1. American Idol Fantasy Contest (MSNBC News)
      Provides a fantasy contest among famous singers, in jest. 05-07


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