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Holly, Buddy

  1. Holly After 50 Years (MSNBC News)
      "Assessing the importance of Buddy Holly is a more difficult task today than gathering up the evidence at the crash site was 50 years ago to determine the causes of the accident. In the intervening years, there have been countless Holly-influenced voices that have taken the music in different directions. His presence in music history has spawned so many tributaries that sometimes the source has been taken for granted." 02-09

  2. Holly, Buddy (
      Provides a short biography of the singer, Charles Hardin Holley. 2-02

  3. Holly, Buddy (
      "Buddy Holly played rock and roll for only two short years, but the wealth of material he recorded in that time made a major and lasting impact on popular music. Holly was an innovator who wrote his own material and was among the first to exploit such advanced studio techniques as double-tracking. He pioneered and popularized the now-standard rock-band lineup of two guitars, bass and drums. In his final months, he even began experimenting with orchestration." 9-03

  4. Interview With Annie Lennox (CNN News)
      "CNN: Fame also serves as a useful platform, and you've been very involved with various charities, notably HIV/AIDS. Do you ever feel frustrated that you you're not making as big a difference as you would like?"

      "Lennox: I had to think about this very carefully because I understand that there are so many problems in the world. Infinitely. And there always will be. That will never change, no. ... And if you make this decision to get involved, don't think that there's just an end result and that's what you're aiming for. No, it's the day-to-day commitment. It's the small steps that really count, in my opinion." 02-09


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