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Our Threatened Polar Ice Caps
by R. Jerry Adams, Ph.D.

We have reason for great concern that our polar ice caps are going through a rapid melting that may create severe problems for ourselves and disaster for our children and grandchildren. Here are some of the problems:

"A computer simulation of the Earth's climate 250 million years ago suggests that global warming triggered the so-called 'great dying'."

"A dramatic rise in carbon dioxide caused temperatures to soar to 10 to 30 degrees Celsius higher than today, say US researchers."

"Some 95% of lifeforms in the oceans became extinct, along with about three-quarters of land species."

The ocean currents may be changing, with massive changes in our climate possible.

Further, the polar caps have been pumping trillions of gallons of fresh water into the oceans. The melting has slowed the ocean currents that help balance the temperatures on earth, diluted the salt water to endanger ocean life, and caused the level of oceans to rise. In short, the rapid melting of polar caps spells catastrophe for life on earth. As the fresh water melts into the oceans, we will simultaneously lose what will be the earth's most valuable commodity in the next few centuries: fresh water. If we do not save the fresh water that is being dumped into our oceans, we will miss our best opportunity for generations far into the future to have the water they need.

Moving Our Fresh Water to Safety

Our greatest challenge today is to move the fresh, melting water in our polar caps and Greenland to safe land basins and water tables.

The effects of successful movement of the fresh water melting in our polar caps and Greenland to safety will be to:

-Prevent our oceans from rising to catastrophic levels
-Prevent extreme shortages of potable (fresh) water globally
-Slow down the slowing of ocean currents that balance our temperatures
-Save massive numbers of saltwater ocean species
-Save humans and other land animals from another massive extinction

The massive amounts of fresh water will need to be moved by means of pipes that catch the water as it melts. Wind-powered and solar-powered pumps will be needed to move the water to land basins, even man-made land basins, and into water tables. This effort may need to be the largest construction effort in the history of humanity. The material reward, sufficent fresh water for everyone in the next century, could not be greater.
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