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Finding Specific Documents
Finding a Specific Article or Document
The Awesome Library links you with Google's Safe Search for a comprehensive search for a specific article or document.  Go to "Web" near the search box to find Google.  If you do not need the child-safe features of SafeSearch, then you can find additional search engines on our older search page.  On the other hand, if you are trying to find information about a general topic, start with "Exploring a Topic."

Site Not Available
Messages like "Not Found," "Error," or "No DNS Entry" sometimes mean that repairs or updates are being made to the site and you can try again later.   However, the problem may be that the site has moved without a forwarding address or it has become inactive.   If you need to find a site that has moved, you have several choices:

Method 1:   The easiest method to search for a moved site is to delete the last section of the Internet address after the slash.   For example, if the address is: "" then delete "students.html."   See if the page you are trying to find was reorganized into another location locally.

Method 2:   You can conduct a word search for the title of the resource by using Google.   This could take a long time, depending upon how unique the title is.

Method 3:   If the above methods fail, you may be able to get the email address and phone number of the owners of the domain name and find out where they relocated the information.   The domain name is what comes after "www" and before the first slash in the Internet address.   The domain name for the Awesome Library is ""   To find information on the owners of the domain name, use Whois to conduct a search.

Exploration of the World Wide Web can be a great adventure if a few reasonable precautions are taken.   Have a safe and pleasant journey.

If you have suggestions or comments, please contact us by selecting the email address below.

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