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How to Find Just the Stars
Go to the search engine available at the bottom of most pages within the Awesome Library, and type in the subject you are pursuing plus "star."   For example try:

social studies star

This will give you all of the sites in Social Studies that have a star.

What if you want the stars for just one type of resource, such as Lesson Plans?   No problem:

lesson plans star

This will give you all of the lesson plans that have a star.

How to Find Just the Latest Entries
You can find materials by the month and year that they were entered in the Awesome Library, starting in July of 1999.  Go to an Awesome Library search box and type in the subject you are pursuing, plus a month and year.  For example,

social studies 7-99

This will give you all of the sites in Social Studies that were added during July of 1999.

What if you want the new entries for just one type of resource, such as Lesson Plans?  No problem:

lesson plans 7-99

This will give you all of the lesson plans added in July of 1999.

Using other Search Engines
Resources in the Awesome Library have been reviewed for child-safe content, but adult supervision is still appropriate.   Children can leave the Awesome Library; its doors are not locked.   For example, children can find additional resources on the World Wide Web through other Web libraries on the Word Search Page.

If you need to restrict access, at least three approaches are available:

1.)   Have your child use the "Homework Helper".   This page includes Web Libraries for Kids instead of the general audience version; ask your children to use the Word Search from that Page only.   A link to the page is provided prominently on the search page for general audiences. You can also make the kids' version of the search page your Home Page.   Then, from anywhere on the World Wide Web, your child can select "Home" on the toolbar to return easily.  

In order to create the Home Page in Netscape, select "Options" on the toolbar at the top, then "General Preferences," followed by "Appearance."   Place the following address in the space provided:

In MS Explorer, select "View," then "Options," followed by "Navigation."   Make the alternative site the "Start Page."

2.)   In MS Explorer you can use a filter.   The filter only allows rated material to be viewed; at this time, only a small portion of the Web is rated, so this would restrict your child from most material, including material that might be needed for homework assignments.   In order to activate the MS Explorer filter, select "View," then "Options," followed by "Security." Select "Enable Ratings" and set it up; be sure to keep your password in a place where you can find it again.

3.)   Use software that provides parental control. Go to Parental Controls and select the software you want; some of it is free, some is not.   The limitation with these filters is similar to the limitation with the MS Explorer filter; they restrict your child's access to sites that have been rated, leaving most of the Web out of reach.

Exploration of the World-Wide Web can be a great adventure if a few reasonable precautions are taken.   Have a safe and pleasant journey.

Advanced Search Using "Or"
The search engine at the bottom of each Awesome Library page is set to automatically put an "and" between each word.   This narrows the search.   For example, "lincoln civil" will provide only sites with both words, such as "Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War." In rare instances it may be desirable to broaden the search to sites including either term.   The search engine below provides that option.   Whereas "lincoln civil" may provide under 10 responses, using the same words with the search engine below may provide over 50 responses.   Try using "or" and then switch back to "and," using the same terms, to see how this makes a difference.

Special "Or" Search Engine
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