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Harvesting Equipment
Simple Machines

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Lesson Plans
  1. Airships (UCLA News - Brown)
      Describes lighter-than-air aircraft. 1-02

  1. Electric Cars (Awesome Library)
      Provides sources of information on electric cars and other electric vehicles. 1-02

  2. Fuel Cell Power (Awesome Library)
      Provides sources of information. 1-02

  3. Hydroelectric and Wave Power (Awesome Library)
      Provides sources of information. 1-02

  4. Inventors (Awesome Library)
      Provides sources of information. 1-02

  5. Patents and Trademarks (Awesome Library)
      Provides sources of information. 1-02

  6. Quadcycles (Awesome Library)
      Provides sources of information. 1-02

  7. Recumbent Bicycles (Awesome Library)
      Provides sources of information. 1-02

  8. Solar Power (Awesome Library)
      Provides sources of information. 1-02

  9. Tricycles and Tricycling (Awesome Library)
      Provides sources of information. 1-02

  10. Wind Power (Awesome Library)
      Provides sources of information. 1-02

  1. "Bionic" Dolphins (CNN News)
      "The dolphin, described by Doc as the world's first underwater flying machine, attracted a huge amount of media interest during a test drive around Auckland harbor, in New Zealand."

      "Innes' one-man model is powered by a 110hp jet ski petrol engine and uses five control surfaces to perform barrel rolls, leaps and dives. It is also fitted with a fighter jet canopy, where the driver sits." 12-04

  2. Airships - Hindenberg Airship Crash (Widner)
      Describes the radio broadcast of the crash of the Hindenberg airship, an event that is believed to have stopped airship travel. 1-02

  3. Cars - Land Speed Record Set to Be Broken (CNN News)
      "The rocket that will help power a 1,000-mph car passed its first test Wednesday, British engineers say."

      "The project is dubbed Bloodhound SSC. Its organizers plan for the pencil-shaped car to be zooming along the South African desert next year and break the world land speed record of 763 mph."

      "The rocket hybrid produced 14,000 pounds of thrust on Wednesday. That's the equivalent of about 40,000 horsepower. The additional thrust from the fighter jet engine will give the car a total of 135,000 horsepower. In contrast, the Prius hybrid system produces 134 horsepower. The engine of a NASCAR Sprint Cup race car produces about 750 horsepower. So Bloodhound will have the power of 180 NASCAR cars, or four times the entire starting grid at Talladega Superspeedway this weekend." 10-12

  4. Commuting Alternatives (Awesome Library)
      Provides an analysis of options and then gives recommendations. 1-02

  5. Gadgets (Hammacher Schlemmer)
      Provides descriptions and pictures of gadgets. 11-02

  6. How Diesel Engines Work (
      Describes diesel engines work. 10-04

  7. How Engines Work (
      Describes how the following types of engines worK: Diesel Two-stroke Engines, Car Engines, Two-stroke Engines, Gas Turbine Engines, Rotary Engines, Rocket Engines, Stirling Engines, and Steam Engines. Also describes how oil refining works. 10-04

  8. Sewing Machines - How Sewing Machines Work (
      Shows how a sewing machine works. 2-02

  1. Radios - Building an AM Radio (Xtal Set Society)
      Provides instructions and diagrams for building a complete crystal radio in a Quaker Oats box. 1-02


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