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  1. -07-29-08 Jet Pack Introduced (
      "While the pack is powerful, it is unlikely you'll be able to barrel headfirst across the sky, Superman-style. The 113-kilogram pack is designed to lift a pilot vertically, although the company expects pitching the pack slightly could enable it to move horizontally at more than 97 kilometres per hour (60 miles per hour), the limit for experimental ultra-light craft." 07-08

  2. -07-29-08 Jet Pack Introduced (
      Demonstrates a jet pack that fits on the back with others holding on to make it safe. 07-08

  3. -07-29-08 Jet Pack Introduced (
      Demonstrates a jet pack that fits on the back without others holding on to make it safe. 07-08

  1. -07-29-08 Jet Pack Introduced (
      "On Tuesday, an inventor from New Zealand plans to unveil what he calls "the world's first practical jetpack" at the EAA AirVenture, the gigantic annual air show here. The inventor, Glenn Martin, 48, who has spent 27 years developing the devices, said he hoped to begin selling them next year for $100,000 apiece." 07-08

  2. 09-05-09 AmeriJet Jets Fail to Provide Lavatories (CNN News)
      "None of the cargo carrier's eight Boeing 727s have lavatories, pilots say, forcing the pilots and crews to use plastic bags for all their elimination needs." 09-09

  3. Fossett, Steve - Profile (CNN News)
      Provides news stories about Steve Fossett. 09-07

  1. -Articles by Category (
      Provides 40 subcategories of articles. 1-07

  2. Aviation - Wilbur and Orville Wright's Plane Development (
      "How is it that two bicycle-shop owners from Dayton, Ohio, managed to do what many others before them had tried but failed to do -- invent the airplane?" 11-03

  3. Aviation - Wright, Wilbur and Orville (Bradshaw)
      "During the years 1900, 1901, 1902, and 1903, the two brothers developed the first effective airplane." 11-03

  4. Aviation Ready to Move to Biofuel (
      "Cost, not technology, is the rub. Biofuels have the potential to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint by 80%, according to the International Air Transport Association, but that works only if the biofuel industry can scale up to commercial production and scale down prices. U.S. airlines guzzle 18 billion gal. of jet fuel annually—just shy of 10% of the U.S.’s total fossil-fuel use—at a cost of $50 billion, or 25% to 35% of their operating costs. Switching to biofuels would increase jet-fuel costs substantially. When Alaska Airlines debuted its first commercial biofuel-powered flight late last year, it paid six times the cost of traditional jet fuel. United’s biofuel was four times as costly." 09-12

  5. Boeing's New 787 Jet (CNN News)
      " Oh sure, Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner is made of composite materials and it's super fuel efficient, but unless you own an airline, the only thing you care about is how comfortable it is. Boeing knows this, and has striven to give passengers an experience unlike any other airplane." 12-09

  6. Cochran, Jackie (
      Provides short profile of the first woman to travel faster than the speed of sound. 'At the time of her death on August 9, 1980, Jacqueline Cochran held more speed, altitude, and distance records than any other pilot, male or female, in aviation history.' 12-01

  7. First Solo Non-Refueling Trip Around the World (USA Today)
      "First by balloon, now by plane, Steve Fossett is once again an around-the-world record holder. The millionaire adventurer on Thursday became the first person to fly around the world alone without stopping or refueling, touching down in Salina after a 67-hour, 2-minute, 38-second 23,000-mile journey that appeared endangered at times by a troubled fuel system."

      "Fossett's GlobalFlyer, designed by the same engineer who came up with the Voyager airsraft that first completed the trip in 1986 with two pilots aboard, touched down on the center line at the Salina airport at 1:48 p.m. Thursday." 3-05

  8. Flying Cars Almost Ready (CBS News)
      "The folks at NASA have built something called 'The Highway in the Sky.' It's a computer system designed to let millions of people fly whenever they please, and take off and land from wherever they please, in their very own vehicles."

      "And here’s the good news -- a lot of people are building machines you’ll be able to buy." 4-05

  9. Record: Longest Non-Stop Flight in History (BBC News)
      "Adventurer Steve Fossett has broken the record for the longest non-stop flight in aviation history." 2-06

  10. Skycars (MSNBC News)
      Describes the current development of cars that can be driven in the air as an alternative form of transportation. 5-03

  11. Skydiver Breaks the Speed of Sound (CBS News)
      "Extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner landed gracefully on Earth after a 24-mile jump Sunday from the stratosphere in a daring, dramatic feat that officials said made him the first skydiver to fall faster than the speed of sound."

      "Brian Utley, a jump observer from the International Federation of Sports Aviation, said preliminary figures show Baumgartner reached a maximum speed of 833.9 mph. That amounts to Mach 1.24, which is faster than the speed of sound. No one has ever reached that speed wearing only a high-tech suit." 10-12

  12. Space Tourism (CBS News)
      "If floating weightless and peering down on a shimmering-blue Earth sounds appealing, you might consider being a space tourist." 03-06

  13. Yeager, Chuck (
      "Chuck Yeager is unquestionably the most famous test pilot of all time. He won a permanent place in the history of aviation as the first pilot ever to fly faster than the speed of sound, but that is only one of the remarkable feats this pilot performed in service to his country." 02-06


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