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  1. Flywheel Energy Storage Businesses (Momentum Technologies)
      Provides sources of flywheel energy storage systems. Flywheels may be an alternative to batteries for storage.

  1. Flywheel Energy - Formulas (RPM)
      Provides formulas for use of a flywheel for energy storage. 4-02

  2. Flywheel Energy Storage (
      Provides solar electric energy storage. 7-05

  3. Flywheel Energy Storage (Just Have a
      Describes flywheel batteries. 01-2023

  4. Flywheel Energy Storage (
      Describes flywheel batteries. 01-2023

  5. Flywheel Energy Storage - Benefits (Rayner)
      "In order to optimize the energy-to-mass ratio, the flywheel needs to spin at the maximum possible speed. This is because kinetic energy only increases linearly with Mass but goes as the square of the rotational speed." Tensile strength is therefore more important than density. 1-02

  6. Flywheel Energy Storage - Composites (ASPES)
      Lighter weight composites, such as carbon fiber, are considered desirable because energy storage is more influenced by speed of rotation than mass. Composites can be designed to be safe if they ever fail. Instead of having a sharp object (such as steel) penetrate the housing, a long fiber of carbon could be designed to just unravel--and not penetrate the housing. Also discusses the most cost-effective bearings to use. 1-02

  7. Flywheel Energy Storage for a Bicycle (
      "The Flywheel Bicycle has a continuously variable transmission in the rear hub. This is linked to a 6.8 kilogram (15 lb) flywheel from a car engine mounted in the middle of the frame. When the cyclist wishes to slow down, such as when they're going down a hill or coming to a stop, they shift the transmission to maximize the flywheel-speed-to-bike-speed ratio. This "charges" the flywheel with kinetic energy - effectively a mechanical version of what happens in an EV where a battery stores the scavenged energy."

      "Once they want to accelerate or climb a hill, they do the opposite - they shift the transmission to minimize the ratio. This lets the energy stored in the flywheel drive the transmission, giving the bike and its rider a boost." 07-12

  8. Flywheel and Gas Turbine-Powered Hybrid Cars (Scientific American - Rosen and Castleman)
      Describes a car powered by a flywheel and a gas turbogenerator. The authors intend to manufacture and sell the car. 03-06

  9. Flywheels for Grid Energy Storage (
      "The drawback of flywheels is that they tend to be more expensive to install than batteries and other devices, and they cannot yet begin to hold as much energy as storage systems based on water pumped uphill or on air compressed inside sealed chambers."

      "On the other hand, flywheels can be installed anywhere. Their storage efficiency, which exceeds 90 percent, beats that of most other devices, and they can last for 20 years and perhaps 100,000 cycles, which equals a projected lifetimes of about 20 years."

      "This past year, Beacon Power brought online a 20-megawatt flywheel facility—the world’s largest flywheel energy storage system—in Stephentown, New York."


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