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Abernathy, Ralph
Adams, Gerry
Alexander the Great
Ali, Muhammad
Anderson, Marian
Annan, Kofi
Arafat, Yasser
Armstrong, Lance
Armstrong, Louie
Austen, Jane
Basie, Count
Biden, Joe
Biko, Stephen
Bolt, Usain
Bonaparte, Napoleon
Bond, Julian
Brando, Marlon
Buckley, William F.
Buffett, Warren
Bunche, Ralph
Caesar, Julius
Calloway, Cab
Carson, Johnny
Carver, George Washington
Cash, Johnny
Charles, Ray
Clinton, Hillary
Cochran, Jackie
Columbus, Christopher
Cosby, Bill
Cronkite, Walter

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  1. Bergman, Ingmar (MSNBC News)
      "Master filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, one of the greatest artists in cinema history, died Monday at his home on an island off the coast of Sweden. He was 89."

      "Bergman’s dozens of works combined deep seriousness, indelible imagery and unexpected flashes of humor in finely written, inventively shot explorations of difficult subjects such as plague and madness." 07-07

  2. Bernanke, Ben (
      "Ben Shalom Bernanke[1][2] (born December 13, 1953) is the incumbent Chairman of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve. Bernanke succeeded Alan Greenspan on February 1, 2006." 09-08

  1. Aaron, Hank (Encyclopedia Britannica)
      Provides a brief biography of the great baseball player. "Aaron's batting records include totals of 755 home runs, 1,477 extra-base hits, and 2,297 runs batted in. His other career statistics include 2,174 runs scored (second to Ty Cobb) and 12,364 times at bat in 3,298 games (second to Pete Rose). His hits (3,771) were exceeded only by those of Ty Cobb and Pete Rose. Aaron's lifetime batting average was .305." 1-05

  2. Abdullah II, King of Jordan (CNN)
      Provides a profile of the king. 5-02

  3. Abdullah, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (Christian Science Monitor)
      Provides a short biography of the Crown Prince. Includes a picture. 10-01

  4. Abigail Adams (Gale Group)
      Provides a biography of the famous wife of the second President of the United States. Includes a picture. 1-05

  5. Addams, Jane (
      Provides a short biography of the social reformer and pacifist. May be misspelled by visitors as Adams. 3-00

  6. Addams, Jane (Gale Group)
      Provides a biography of the woman who was "the first female secretary of state and the highest ranking woman in the history of the U.S. government." 8-01

  7. Adenauer, Konrad (
      Provides a short biography of the former chancellor of Germany. 3-00

  8. Aeschylus (
      Provides a short biography of Aeschylus, known as "the father of Greek tragedy." 3-00

  9. Albright, Madeleine (Gale Group)
      Provides a biography of "one of the first people in America who sought to improve the lives of these desperate poor." Visitors sometimes misspell as Adams. 6-00

  10. Allchen, Jim (
      "Jim Allchin, to some Microsoft's biggest senior geek after Bill Gates, is retiring at the end of 2006. His legacy: Windows on almost every desktop." 9-05

  11. Anthony, Susan B. (Gale Group)
      Provides a biography of the famous women's suffragist. 1-05

  12. Architects - Biographies ( - Craven)
      Provides biographies of some of the most influential architects. 3-01

  13. Armstrong, Edwin Howard (
      "Edwin Howard Armstrong (December 18, 1890 – January 31, 1954) was an American electrical engineer and inventor. Armstrong was the inventor of the FM radio." 12-06

  14. Armstrong, Edwin Howard (
      "Armstrong is the most important engineer on this list, and one of greats of the 20th century. Most of the greats are known for one or two key innovations: Widlar and the op amp, Cray and vector supercomputers, Sutherland for both Sketchpad and flight simulation. Armstrong had three: regeneration, superheterodyning, and frequency modulation. He was the last of the line of heroic individual American inventors, and he came to a particularly American end - death by lawyers." 12-06

  15. Augustus (Roman Empire)
      Provides an extensive biography of Gaius Julius Octavius, often referred to as Augustus, the Roman Emperor. (Includes some grammatical errors.) 11-00

  16. Baez, Joan (
      Provides a brief biography of the folk singer and activist and links to additional information. 08-09

  17. Baez, Joan (
      Provides a chronology of the folk singer and activist. 08-09

  18. Ball, Lucille (Gale Group)
      Provides a biography of the comedian and owner of Desilu studios who has been called "the most popular female comedian on television, and arguably the most popular female practitioner of physical comedy in the first half-century of prime-time television." Visitors sometimes misspell as Lucile, Lucel, Lucelle, or Luciele. 8-01

  19. Barakzai, Shukria Biography (
      "In addition to her work in education and at Women's Mirror, Mrs. Barakzai was a member of Afghanistan's Constitutional Reviewing Commission. Nominated by President Hamid Karzai to this job, she worked for more than nine months reviewing each article of Afghanistan's Constitutional principles draft."

      Although her work on the Commission has ended, the 500-member grand council, or Loya Jirga, adopted the new post-conflict Afghan constitution in early January 2004. Under article 22, it states that every Afghan citizen, whether male or female, has equal rights and responsibilities before the law."

      Many women have called the constitution no less than a miracle in a country once dominated by conservative leaders and traditions. For Mrs. Barakzai, it is the first and most crucial step in gaining women's rights in the long term." 1-05

  20. Barton, Clara (Gale Group)
      Provides a biography of the founder of the American Red Cross. 8-01

  21. Beatles (Awesome Library)
      Provides biographical information on the music group members. 12-05

  22. Becket, St. Thomas A. (
      Provides a short biography of the famous Archbishop of Canterbury born in 1118. 3-00

  23. Berners-Lee, Tim (
      "When Tim began his work with Robert Cailliau in 1989 at CERN, Europe's particle-physics lab in Geneva, the Internet was just beginning to emerge as a commercially available service. But it lacked standardized systems for formatting, storing, locating and retrieving information. Tim solved these problems by writing Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), a computer language for communicating documents over the Internet, and by designing a system to give documents addresses. He also created the first browser — calling it the WorldWideWeb — as well as a language (Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML) for creating Web pages and the first server software allowing those pages to be stored and accessed by others." 06-09

  24. Blair, Tony - Prime Minister of Britain (Britannia)
      Provides a biography of Rt. Hon. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair's political life. leader 5-00

  25. Boies, David ( - Okrent)
      Provides a glimpse of the life style and background of David Boies, lawyer for Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election, Napster, the U.S. Justice Department (against Microsoft), and many more famous cases. 12-00

  26. Bolivar, Simon (Daniels)
      Provides a short biography. 7-00

  27. Boone, Daniel (Arthur)
      Provides biographical information compiled from sources in the 1700's. 3-00

  28. Bradbury, Ray (New York Times)
      "Ray Bradbury, a master of science fiction whose lyrical evocations of the future reflected both the optimism and the anxieties of his own postwar America, died on Tuesday in Los Angeles. He was 91." 06-12

  29. Bradley, Ed Dies (PBS News)
      " '60 Minutes' correspondent Ed Bradley died Wednesday night in a Manhattan hospital of complications resulting from chronic lymphocytic leukemia. A pioneering black journalist, Bradley won 19 Emmys for his work." 11-06

  30. Bradley, Pat (HW Wilson Company)
      Provides statistics on her achievements, as well as discussing the disability that she has had to overcome to return as a champion. 7-00

  31. Brooke, Sen. Edward William III (
      "Edward William Brooke III (born October 26, 1919) is an American politician and was the first African American to be elected by popular vote to the United States Senate when he was elected as a Republican from Massachusetts in 1966, defeating his Democratic opponent, Endicott Peabody, 58%–42%. He was also the first African American elected since Reconstruction, and would remain the only person of African heritage sent to the Senate until Democrat Carol Moseley Braun in 1993." 05-08

  32. Browning, Robert and Elizabeth Barrett (
      Provides the story of the romance and marriage of the two famous poets. "Barrett Browning's Sonnets From the Portuguese (1850), of which the line 'How do I love thee? Let me count the ways' has since become one of poetry's best-known, was written during their courtship and early marriage and is about her dramatic romance with Browning, and how he helped her save herself from a life of sickness and isolation." 02-06

  33. Brutus, Marcus (McNeil-Lehrer Productions)
      Provides views of teens about the presidential election in the United States and their own countries. Also describes elections in Britain and Italy. 11-00

  34. Burnell, Susan Jocelyn Bell (Gale Group)
      Provides a biography of the astronomer. 1-05

  35. Cairo, Alberto (Ciriello)
      Provides a short statement on a famous doctor, helping severely injured persons in Afghanistan. 12-01

  36. Carroll, Lewis (A and E Television Networks)
      Provides a short biography of the author of Alice in Wonderland.

  37. Cartier-Bresson, Henri (MSNBC news)
      "Gary Knight, managing director of the cooperative photo agency, VII, called Cartier-Bresson one of the most influential photographers of all time." 01-05

  38. Castro, Fidel (
      "Cuban revolutionary and political leader, premier and president of Cuba, born August 13, 1927 (several sources say 1926), in MayarÍ on his family’s sugar plantation near Biran, Oriente province, Cuba." 2-05

  39. Chandrasekhar, Subrahmanyan (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
      Provides a short biography of the Indian-American Nobel laureate, after whom the Chandra X-ray Observatory is named. 9-00

  40. Child, Julia (MSNBC news)
      "Since the 1980s, she devoted attention to promoting the serious study of food and cooking. She co-founded the American Institute of Wine and Food in San Francisco in 1981 and co-founded the James Beard Foundation in New York City in 1986." 01-05

  41. Chirac, Jacques Chirac - President of France (
      Provides a biography of the leader of France. 5-00

  42. Cicero, M. Tullius (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Clayton)
      Provides a biography. 7-02

  43. Clark, Ron - The 2000 Outstanding Teacher of the Year ( - Winfrey)
      Provides an interview with Ron Clark, a hero recognized by the Disney 2000 Outstanding Teacher of the Year and Oprah Magazine's first "Phenomenal Man." 1-02

  44. Cobb, David (
      "Rep. Tom DeLay was ordered to appear in a Texas courtroom on Oct. 21 to face the conspiracy charge that forced him to step down as House majority leader." 9-05

  45. Cochran, Jackie (
      Provides short profile of the first woman to travel faster than the speed of sound. 'At the time of her death on August 9, 1980, Jacqueline Cochran held more speed, altitude, and distance records than any other pilot, male or female, in aviation history.' 12-01

  46. Coetzee, J. M. - 2003 Nobel Prize in Literature
      "The 63-year-old writer, long a favorite for the book world's most prestigious prize, was cited as a 'scrupulous doubter, ruthless in his criticism of the cruel rationalism and cosmetic morality of Western civilization.' "

      The Swedish Academy said Coetzee's novels, which include Disgrace, Waiting for the Barbarians and Age of Iron, are also characterized by their 'well-crafted composition, pregnant dialogue and analytical brilliance.' "

  47. Collins, Eileen (NASA)
      Provides a profile of the female astronaut. "Collins was the first woman pilot of a Space Shuttle." 4-02

  48. Collins, Eileen (NASA)
      Provides a profile of the female astronaut. "Collins was the first woman pilot of a Space Shuttle." 4-02

  49. Composers - Biographies of Classical Music Composers (Norrish)
      Provides brief profiles of famous composers, as well as lesser known composers. 6-02

  50. Constantine (Roman Empire)
      Provides an extensive biography of Flavius Valerius Constantinus, often referred to as Constantine the Great or Saint Constantine. (Includes some grammatical errors.) 11-00

  51. Copeland, Aaron (
      Provides a short biography and a list of major works. 11-01

  52. Corrigan, Mairead and Betty Williams (Nobel Foundation)
      Provides biographies of the two recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize for their work in Ireland. 6-00

  53. Crick, Francis (MSNBC news)
      "Nobel Prize-winning scientist Francis Crick, who co-discovered the spiral, “double-helix” structure of DNA in 1953 and opened the way for everything from gene-spliced crops and medicines to DNA fingerprinting and the genetic detection of diseases, has died. He was 88." 01-05

  54. Curie, Marie (Gale Group)
      Provides a biography of the person who was the first woman to earn a doctorate in Europe and recipient of the 1903 Nobel Prize in physics. 6-00

  55. Famous People with Name Changes (Famous Name Changes)
      Provides a short profile of hundreds of persons in sports, entertainment, acting, singing, politics, or religion. Also provides their name at birth, birth date, death date (if they have died), and place of birth. For example, Tom Cruise was originally Thomas Cruise Mapother and Cher's name used to be Cherilyn Sarkisian La Piere. 8-01

  56. Garrett, Elizabeth (Spartacus)
      Provides a picture and a short biography of the social activist who became the first female physician in Britain. 11-02

  57. Porter, Cole (
      Provides a short biography. 11-01


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