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Armstrong, Lance

  1. -USADA Strips Armstrong of Tour de France Championships (CBS News)
      "The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency erased 14 years of Lance Armstrong's career Friday — including his record seven Tour de France titles — and banned him for life from the sport that made him a hero to millions of cancer survivors after concluding he used banned substances." 08-12

  2. 2002 Armstrong Wins Fourth Tour de France (CNN Sports Illustrated)
      "Lance Armstrong won his fourth straight Tour de France on Sunday, handily beating the world's best cyclists in a grueling three-week event he has turned into his personal showcase." 7-02

  3. 2005 Armstrong Wins the Tour de France (USA Today)
      "Lance Armstrong rode into history Sunday, winning a record sixth Tour de France and cementing his place as one of the greatest athletes of all time."

      "Never in its 101-year history has the Tour had a winner like Armstrong — who just eight years ago was given less than a 50% chance of overcoming testicular cancer that spread to his lungs and brain." 7-05

  4. Accusations Against Lance Armstrong Released (CBS News)
      "Lance Armstrong challenged the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to name names and show what it had on him."

      "On Wednesday, it did."

      "The anti-doping group released a report on its case against Armstrong — a point-by-point roadmap of the lengths it says Armstrong went to in winning seven Tour de France titles USADA has ordered taken away."

      "In more than 150 pages filled with allegations, USADA names 11 former teammates — George Hincapie, Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis among them — as key witnesses." 10-12

  5. Armstrong - After Victory (ABC News)
      "Armstrong is calling it quits, retiring from professional cycling at 33. He has raced 11 Tours, pedaled over 20,000 miles and worn the leader's jersey more than 80 times. After beating testicular cancer before his Tour-winning streak began, Armstrong became an international icon and an inspiration to cancer survivors everywhere." 7-05

  6. Armstrong - Best Comeback in All Sports (Sports Illustrated)
      Sports Illustrated ranked Lance Armstrong's comeback as the best in all of sports. 7-05

  7. Armstrong Bids for Seventh Crown (CBS News)
      "Lance Armstrong had an impressive start to his final Tour de France, finishing second Saturday in the opening stage." 7-05

  8. Armstrong, Lance - Biography (
      Provides a biography of the champion cyclist through the year 2000. Armstrong, who has had cancer, won the Tour de France in July of 2001.

  9. Editorial: Should Nike Be Supporting Lance Armstrong? (
      "A USADA report on Armstrong’s doping habits included eyewitness testimony from eleven former teammates, and gory details about refrigerated blood, secret roadside meetings and canceled races to avoid drug testing. And yet Nike’s position did not change." 10-12

  10. Inquiry Ends With No Charges Against Lance Armstrong (USA Today)
      "The case against Lance Armstrong is closed. His legacy as a seven-time Tour de France champion endures." 02-12

  11. The Lance Armstrong Scandal (CNN News)
      "Armstrong announced Thursday that he would no longer fight the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's charges, not admitting wrongdoing but rather saying he's tired of having to prove his professed innocence for years without any lasting success."

      "The USADA responded Friday that it was giving him a lifetime ban and disqualifying him from all events since August 1998. Still at issue is whether the USADA has the power to strip him of his victories; more about that in a bit."

      " 'Lance has stated his innocence and has been unwavering on this position. Nike plans to continue to support Lance and the Lance Armstrong Foundation,' Nike's statement said."

      "Lance Armstrong Foundation Vice Chairman Jeffrey Garvey said he supported Armstrong's decision."

      "Lance’s legacy in the cancer community is unparalleled. Lance could have left cancer behind him and never looked back. Instead, before ever winning the Tour de France, he established a foundation that today has served 2.5 million cancer survivors with its free patient navigation services. ... Lance has unfailingly stood by the cancer community and we will always stand by him." 08-12


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