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Charles, Ray

  1. Charles, Ray (
      Provides a biography. "Singer, pianist, and composer, born in Albany, Georgia, USA. He lost his sight (from glaucoma) when he was six, and attended a school for the blind, where he learned to read and write music in braille and play piano and organ. Orphaned at age 15, he left school and began playing music to earn a living, moving to Seattle in 1947." 2-05

  2. Charles, Ray (
      Provides a biography of the singer, pianist, and composer. "An outstanding live performer, he also recorded more than 60 albums and won 12 Grammy awards. He was inducted into the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame in 1986." 1-05

  3. Charles, Ray (
      "Many musicians possess elements of genius, but only one -- the great Ray Charles -- so completely embodies the term that it's been bestowed upon him as a nickname. Charles displayed his genius by combining elements of gospel and blues into a fervid, exuberant style that would come to be known as soul music." 9-03


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