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Bolt, Usain

  1. Usain Bolt Breaks 200 Meter World Record (
      "For the second straight race -- five, if his record-breaking runs at the Beijing Olympics are counted -- Bolt's biggest competitor was the clock. He bettered his old world record by a whopping .11 seconds, the same margin he shaved off the 100 four days earlier, when he finished in 9.58."

  2. Usian Bolt Sets Olympic Record in Men's 100 Meter Race (CBS News)
      "Usain Bolt of Jamaica won his second straight Olympic gold medal in the men's 100 meters Sunday, crossing the line in an Olympic-record 9.63 seconds."

      "Bolt fell shy of his world record of 9.58 seconds but improved on the 9.69 he ran four years ago in Beijing to enter his name, once again, in the Olympic record book." 08-12


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