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  1. Ancient Egyptians
  1. Cleopatra (
      "She may not have been an Egyptian, but she was Egypt's queen, ruling on her own rather than in the name of her husband. Her relationships with the leaders of Rome led to scandals. Her death continues to inspire playwrights, movie producers, and romantics." 02-06

  2. Cleopatra (
      "Cleopatra was a strong-willed Macedonian queen who was brilliant and dreamed of a greater world empire. She almost achieved it."

      "Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of Egypt." 02-06

  3. Cleopatra (
      "Cleopatra VII Philopator (January 69 BC August 12, 30 BC) was queen of ancient Egypt, the last member of the Ptolemaic dynasty and hence the last Hellenistic ruler of Egypt." 02-06

  4. Cleopatra Timeline (
      Provides a timeline. 02-06


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