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Hybrid Vehicles

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  1. Hybrid Car News (
      Provides news on hybrid cars.

  1. -Biodiesel Bus Available Now (
      "Biodiesel, according to the Project BioBus Web site, 'is a safe, renewable, clean burning, domestically-produced fuel made from vegetable oils (such as soy and rapeseed) that can be used in existing diesel engines without modifications.' This eco-friendly fuel is refined from vegetable oil, including fryer oil from fast-food restaurants, by combining it with lye and methanol." 10-04

  2. Alternative Fuel Vehicles (CNN News)
      Provides 10 choices. 08-07

  3. Benefits of a Hybrid (
      "Discover how owning a hybrid can help not only your wallet, but the environment too!" 03-13

  4. Buying a Car With Good Fuel Economy (
      Discusses the most fuel-efficient cars and trucks of 2006. 01-07

  5. Comparison of Hybrids (
      Suggests "best values" for different niches. 01-07

  6. Elio Hybrid Car (
      The three-wheeled car is designed to get over 80 miles per gallon highway and cost less than $7,000. 09-15

  7. Exreme Hybrid SUVs (
      "Ed Furia is founder and current CEO of AFS Trinity Power Corporation, a company that has equipped a Saturn Vue Green Line with their patented “fast energy” battery system to showcase the new technology. Known as the XH-150 (extreme hybrid), the modified Vue can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just under 7 seconds."

      "I guess the only bad news is that we currently can not buy any vehicle with this type of plug-in hybrid technology. Furia hopes his company can license the system to an automaker that can mass produce it and have it available to the public in 2-3 years." 08-08

  8. How Engines Work (
      Describes how the following types of engines worK: Diesel Two-stroke Engines, Car Engines, Two-stroke Engines, Gas Turbine Engines, Rotary Engines, Rocket Engines, Stirling Engines, and Steam Engines. Also describes how oil refining works. 10-04

  9. How Gas-Powered Car Engines Work (
      Describes how gas-powered car engines work. 10-04

  10. How Hybrid Cars Work (
      Provides drawings to show how a hybrid gas and electric automobile works. 11-00.

  11. Hybrid Car Resources (
      Provides resources. 02-06

  12. Hybrid Cars Compared on Payback Time (MSNBC News)
      Compares 13 hybrid cars on the amount of time it will take (at 15,000 miles per year on $4.20 per gallon gas) to break even for buying a hybrid over the same car in gas-only version. 07-08

  13. Hybrid News (ABC News)
      Provides news on hybrid developments. 3-05

  14. Hybrid Reviews (Hybrid Center)
      Links to reviews of the more popular hybrid models. 04-08

  15. Hybrid Timeline (
      Provides a history back to 1997 and projects to 2010. 07-07

  16. Hybrid Vehicles MPG Comparison (
      Compares the MPG for existing hybrid vehicles. 12-06

  17. Hybrid Vehicles: 1997 - 2013 (
      Highlights vehicles from 1997 - proposed vehicles of 2013. 04-10

  18. Hybrid, Diesel, and Gas Comparison (MSN News)
      Compares cars on "payback" for use of alternate fuels. 9-05

  19. Hybrids Incentives (
      Lists government incentives passed or under consideration for hybrid cars. 7-04

  20. Hypermilers (MSNBC News)
      Hypermilers "almost exclusively drive hybrid vehicles, and their goal is simple: squeeze every mile they can out of each drop of gas." 05-07

  21. Low-Resistance Tires (
      "Most of the hybrid vehicles use some sort of low rolling resistance tire. Sometimes these tires are called 'low mu.' 'Mu' is the Greek letter (used by engineers) as the symbol for “tire friction to the road surface.”

      "While the low resistance tires will help with mileage, there have been some complaints from hybrid owners that they did not like the way the tires handle on the road. As a result, Toyota has backed off from using the lower resistance tires and has settled with a better handling tire." 12-06

  22. New Type of Battery for Hybrid Cars (
      "USABC awarded the contract in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop lithium iron phosphate battery technology for hybrid-electric vehicle applications. The contract is for 36 months with a focus on systems that are high-power, abuse-tolerant and cost effective."

      Editor's Note: These batteries are designed to replace nickle-metal-hydride batteries currently used in hybrid cars with lithium batteries. Current lithium batteries, such as those used in cameras, cannot be used in hybrids because of overheating problems and cost. 12-06

  23. Study: Hybrids Mean More Driving, Repair Bills, and Tickets (U.S. News)
      "Hybrid cars cost more than conventional cars in almost every way - that's the conclusion reached by a new study. Quality Planning, a company that evaluates risk for insurance companies, looked at insurance data for 359,309 vehicles over a two year period. Comparing hybrid vehicles to their non-hybrid counterparts (the Toyota Camry, for instance, to the Toyota Camry Hybrid), they found that hybrid drivers drive more miles than non-hybrid drivers, get more tickets, have more accidents, and face costlier repair bills after those accidents." 07-09

  24. Tax Incentives for Clean-Fuel Vehicles (
      "Qualifying electric vehicles and clean-fuel vehicles (including gasoline/electric hybrids) purchased new are eligible for federal income tax incentives." 4-03

  25. Volt Hybrid Plug-in Electric Review (CNN News)
      "The Chevrolet Volt will get an estimated 93 mpg-e when running on battery power, 37 mpg when burning gasoline and about 60 mpg overall, according to a new EPA label presented by GM." 11-10

  1. Tax Credits Available for Various Hybrids (
      Provides credits for each available hybrid car. 11-06


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