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Safety for Hybrids

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  1. Hybrid Cars and Accidents (ABC News)
      "Manufacturers such as Honda and Toyota say their hybrid vehicles have computer safety systems that are suppose to minimize the risk of accidental electrocution. Officials at Toyota, for example, say controls on-board its Prius will automatically shut-off the engine and disconnect power if the airbags deploy or it senses a sudden deacceleration indicative of a collision."

      "What's more, high-voltage components in hybrids are marked by bright orange colors to alert rescuers of the potential danger. And while its hidden away from sight by normal owners, the location of these components are clearly marked in guides freely published and offered to any emergency agency that requests them." 3-05

  2. Prius Brakes a Problem (CBS News)
      "The Transportation Department has opened an investigation into brake problems in the 2010 model year Toyota Prius after the Japanese automaker acknowledged design problems with the brakes in its prized gas-electric hybrid. "

      "The Japanese government has ordered Toyota to investigate brake problems. The automaker said it had corrected problems with the antilock brake system in Prius models sold since late last month, including those shipped overseas." 02-10


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