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Micro-Hybrids and Ultracapacitators

  1. -Micro-Hybrids (
      "Micro-hybrid technology, which helps the VW Polo BlueMotion achieve 71 miles per gallon in Europe, could help lift the fuel economy of millions of cars in the United States."

  2. -Micro-Hybrids Are Coming (
      "The low-hanging fruit is in the automatic start-stop technology found on most hybrids. Start-stop, which costs only $300 to $400 for automakers to add, shuts down the engine at stoplights and then starts it up again when the driver lifts his left foot. If thereís a hurdle to putting start-stop on conventional cars, itís in the ability of their relatively small 12-volt batteries to run accessories (especially air-conditioning) when the engine is shut off."

      "Valeo, which supplies start-stop systems to European automakers, estimates that urban cars spend as much as a third of their time on the road not moving." 11-10


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