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  1. -01-10-06 New Toyota Camry Announced (
      "Hybrid cars will soon become as American as hot dogs and apple pie. On May 18, 2005, Toyota announced that a hybrid version of America's best selling car model, the Camry, will be built on America soil." 01-06

  2. -01-27-06 Hybrid Cars Pose No Extra Threat in Crashes (MSN Autos)
      "Experts say hybrids pose no more danger than gasoline-powered vehicles—as long as rescue procedures are followed."

      "Almeida says hybrids pose no additional danger as long as the rescue procedures outlined in their manuals are followed, starting with ensuring the ignition is shut off and the key removed, which is standard procedure for responders to conventional cars. It is this safety protocol, and the built-in electronic fail-safe measures, that counter the potential threat from a high-voltage system. 'As long as the key is out of the ignition, the car is dead,' Almeida said."

      "Rescuers are routinely advised to disable the 12-volt system, in both hybrid and conventional cars, that provides power to the high-voltage system. Cutting the battery cables located under the hood can do this." 01-06


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