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  1. Drummer's Resources (Drummer's Web)
      Provides resources on many types of drums. 12-00

  2. Story Resources available on the Web 10-99

  3. -Children's Literature Web Guide star

  4. Search the Smithsonian Natural History Web

  5. Putting Information on the Web

  6. Survey of Users of the World Wide Web

  7. How to Publish on the Web

  8. World Wide Web Frequently Asked Questions 10-01

  9. HTML Guide (
      Provides tutorials on creating image maps, and other basic HTML coding. 2-00

  10. -Web Page Style Manual (Lynch and Horton) star

  11. Biographies of Artists (WebMuseum) 3-01

  12. Advertising on the Internet - Advertiser Databases (Webtrack)

  13. World Wide Web (PBS)
      Provides a short description, starting with development of networks.

  14. Web Site Providers
      These sites provide a space on a computer (server) so that others can see the Web page you developed. This service is called "hosting" or "virtual Web space services."

  15. Web Site Providers (BudgetWeb)
      Provides over 200 organizations with hosting services and includes a table of rates and features. Editor's Note - Please see our comments under Web Hosting Reviews by Users. 09-09

  16. Web Page Design

  17. Articles and Resources for Web Designers (WebReference)
      Providesdozens of articles. 9-01

  18. Web Development - Processes (December Communications)
      Provides 6 steps to high quality Web page design and maintenance.

  19. Web Development (December Communications)
      Provides processes, qualities, elements, and characterisitcs of good Web development.

  20. Citations - Web Extensions for APA (American Psychological Association)

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