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Lesson Plans
  1. HTML Tutorials (HTML Goodies - Burns)
      Provides instructions on frames, Java, and other more difficult portions of coding a Web page. 8-99

  1. -HTML Validation (
      Validates your HTML code. 5-02

  2. -HTML Validation (TidyGUI - Blavier)
      Provides a free copy of TidyGUI, which validates your HTML code. 5-02

  3. -HTML Validation (Wanadoo - Blavier)
      Explains TidyGUI, which validates your HTML code. 5-02

  4. -HTML Validation (Web Design Group)
      Validates your HTML code. 5-02

  5. Analysis of Web Page (Bobby - Krieger)
      Provides an analysis of a Web Page submitted to find errors or presentation not friendly to individuals with disabilities.

  6. HTML Editors (
      Provides reviews. 11-06

  7. Validator for HTML Code (
      Provides validation (identifies errors) in HTML code of an URL you specify. 8-02

  8. Web Site Design Checker (SiteInspector)
      Provides an evaluation of your Web site, a including loading time check, a dead link check, a site popularity check, and a spelling check.

  9. Web Tools (
      Provides free Web code for HTML, DHTML, Java, and more. 5-00  

  1. Fonts - How to Include Accent Marks (
      Provides instructions for adding accent marks using HTML code. 03-06

  2. HTML Table of Special Characters (Shemitz)
      Provides the number or name necessary to create special characters.

  3. HTML Tutorial (Shemitz)
      Provides systematic instruction on how to write in HTML for Netscape 2.0.

Purchase Resources
  1. HTML Editor - Homesite (Allaire)
      Provides HTML editing for the Web professional. 8-99


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