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  1. Links - Analysis of Broken Links (NetMechanic)
      Provides a check on broken links for up to 20 Web pages for free. A more extensive service is available for a fee. 11-99

  2. Links - Broken Link Analysis (LinkScan)
      Provides a record of links that are broken. Has a free demonstration version.

  1. Browser Sizer (RaceCar)
      Adjusts browsers to fit different screen sizes, including WebTV.

  2. Browsers for Kids (
      Provides browsers designed to protect children from pornographic material. 7-04

  3. Firefox Add-Ons (
      "Out of the box, Firefox 3 is already an incredible web browser. But when you consider all of the power tools that can be added to enhance your research, it’s even better. Check out these add-ons for Firefox 3, and you’ll take your browser to the next level and transform your academic research." 08-09

  4. Google Chrome Browser (Techland)
      "Google (GOOG) says Chrome was designed to be 'streamlined and simple.' The browser is available for free download in 100 countries starting Tuesday. Initially it will only work on Windows computers, though versions for Mac and Linux operating systems are being developed."

      "At first glance, Chrome doesn’t look all that different from Mozilla’s Firefox, a competing browser. But unlike Firefox, Chrome combined the address and search boxes to let people search for information and Web sites by entering keywords into the same bar."

      " 'There is market demand for a browser that is speedier, simpler, safer, and stabler than IE,'” Mahaney wrote in a report Tuesday morning. 'What is unknown is whether Chrome is that browser.' " 09-08

  5. Mozilla v1.0 Browser (
      Provides a free browser, rated four and a half stars (out of five) by PC World magazine.


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