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In-Text Advertising
Popular Key Words

  1. Internet Demographics and Statistics ( - Zien)
      Provides sources of information to determine patterns of use of the Internet. 8-00.

  1. Banner Checker and Adjuster (GIF Wizard)
      Checks and adjusts the size of a banner and also helps with compression.

  2. Find Your Visibility Demo (Market.Com)
  3. Page Rank for Sites (
      Provide the URL for the site you want ranked. 01-07

  4. Statistics on Web Pages (Rank This)
      Provides statistics on Web pages of a site for free for 5 days.

  5. Submit Your Web Page (AddMe)
      Provides automated promotion of Web sites.

  6. Web Advertising Prospects (
      Predicts a substantial increase in Internet advertising over the the next ten years. 05-07

  1. AOL to Focus on Advertising (MSNBC News)
      "AOL stepped up its transformation from Internet access provider into an ad-driven business Monday as it announced plans to move its corporate headquarters and consolidate its advertising operations." 09-07

  2. Advertising News (CyberAtlas)
      Provides information on usage of the Web to help advertisers and webmasters.

  3. Body Ads (New York Times)
      "A similar marketing campaign in England in January for, an online beauty products store, paid 10 men and women to apply temporary tattoos with the companyís Web address on their eyelids and then wink at strangers. Chosen randomly from more than 6,000 who applied online, participants were paid 100 pounds (about $149) to wink at people 1,000 times, or 10 pence a wink, an allusion to pay-per-view Web advertising." 09-07

  4. Financial News (The Motley Fool)
      Provides news on financial markets, with special coverage of technology. 8-99

  1. -The New World of Page Ranking (
      "If your sole focus as a company investing in SEO is to see a high Google page rank, stop the obsession Ė now. High rankings donít equate to a stellar business profile; revenues do. And now that page rankings are becoming varied, itís much less reliable to equate a high ranking to full-scale success. So putting all your eggs in one proverbial basket is not only risky, itís now completely illogical." 07-13

  2. Advertising - Content Sales Rising (International Herald Tribune - Richtel)
      "More Internet users are showing a willingness to pay for content online - subscribing to news sites, for example, or paying fees to send e-greeting cards - suggesting a shift in consumers' expectations that online services should be free, according to a survey of cyberspending patterns." 7-02

  3. Advertising - Web Ads Need Comparability (Advertising Age - Williamson)
      " 'Marketers have shown by their actions the past six years,' " says Jim Nail, Forrester Research senior analyst, " 'that unless they have comparability, they're not going to spend money [on online advertising], period.' " Advertisers want comparability between the benefits of online ads and traditional media, such as print and television. 8-02

  4. Advertising Rates of USA Today (USA Today)
      Provides the advertising rates for various types of ads.

  5. Advertising With Netscape (Netscape)
  6. Advertising on the Internet - Advertiser Databases (Webtrack)
  7. Affiliate Program (beFree -
      Provides a system for providing commissions to Web sites for including banners or text linking to a sponsor. Find merchants from the toolbar at the top left of the site. 8-99

  8. Financing Through Venture Capital (Berst)
      Provides some leads on finding venture capital and provides related articles in order to better understand the criteria for funding.

  9. Internet Demographics and Statistics ( - Zien)
      Provides answers to frequently asked questions about patterns of use of the Internet. 8-00.

  10. Lessons in Using Google AdWords (New York Times)
      "It used to be that business owners often struggled to afford advertising for their products or services. Google AdWords has changed that by offering an inexpensive way to spread the word. But if you donít do some careful planning, you can easily find yourself spending thousands of dollars with little to show for it." 10-09

  11. Popularity - Measuring Popularity (Awesome Library)
      Provides resources to see how many major links are made to you.

  12. Ratings of Web Businesses (BizRate)
      Provides ratings of businesses doing online transactions. Based on survey responses of users. 7-99

  13. Search Engines - Meta Tag Builder (VWP)
      Provides a form for developing metatags for Web Pages.

  14. Top Web Sites ( - Zien)
      Provides information on which sites are gaining the most Web traffic.

  1. Popularity - Measuring Popularity (
      Provides site popularity statistics. 2-02

Purchase Resources
  1. Advertising - Targeted (SmartClicks)
      SmartClicks provides assistance with targeted advertising.

  2. Traffic Analyzer (Web Tech)
      Provides an anlysis of log files for your Web site, showing how many visited each page.


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