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  1. African Studies WWW Links
      Provides links organized within three dozen subjects.

  2. Black History - 19th Century African Americans (Bright)
      Provides a picture and a short biography of this influential 19th Century African American. 2-01

  3. K-12 African American Resources

  4. K-12 African Studies

  5. African-American Pamphlets (1818 - 1907)

  6. Timeline of African-American History (1852 - 1880)

  7. Timeline of African-American History (1881 - 1900)

  8. Timeline of African-American History (1901 - 1925)

  9. African Wildlife Foundation
      Provides descriptions and pictures of African animals. 1-01

  10. African Languages (Dinar)

  11. African Languages - Classification (Grimes)

  12. African American Studies (Dinar)

  13. Black/African American Related Resources (Adinar)

  14. -African-American History (Library of Congress)
      Uses treasures, key historical documents in the Library of Congress, to weave a story on the history of African-Americans in the United States. 2-01

  15. Elephants - African and Asian (African Wildlife Foundation)
      Provides descriptions and pictures. 1-01

  16. Elephants - African (Oakland Zoo)
      Provides facts, sounds, and movies. "Elephants have the largest brain size versus body weight other than man." Status - "Endangered because of loss of habitat and because of poaching for ivory."

  17. Black History in African American (Black History Month is February)

  18. African Americans - Black Patriots of the Revolution (SeacoastNH)
      Provides a short summary of sections of "Colored Patriots of the Revolution" by Nell. Recounts events by a biography of the mid-1800's.

  19. African Americans - First Blacks of Portsmouth 1 (SeacoastNH)
      "Valerie Cunningham traces African American history from 1645 through the first harsh century of slavery."

  20. African Americans - First Blacks of Portsmouth 2 (SeacoastNH)
      "Limited freedom came slowly. Valerie Cunningham discusses emancipation, the 'Negro Court,' and the lives of Portsmouth's expanding black population."

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