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  1. Guinea-Bissau (Dinar)
  1. President Joao Bernardo Vieira of Guinea-Bissau assassinated by army (
      The President of the tiny West African state of Guinea-Bissau was shot dead, apparently in revenge, yesterday, hours after the army chief was killed. The deaths plunged Africa’s first “narco-state” into crisis.

  1. Guinea-Bissau (
      Like most sub-Saharan nations, Guinea-Bissau is an arbitrary European construct, yet it possesses two qualities that make this small country stand out from its neighbours. First and foremost are the people themselves."

      Editor's Note: Based on events in March of 2009, this may not be a safe tourist destination.

  2. Guinea-Bissau (
      "The United States welcomes the successful transition of power in Guinea-Bissau to Parliament Speaker Raimundo Pereira, the constitutional successor to the late President Joao Nino Vieira. We congratulate Guinea-Bissau for adhering to its constitution under extraordinary circumstances." 03-09


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